Rāmāyana | Bala Kaṇḍa | Chapter 40

Sargam [Chapter]: 40
Sāgaras and Sage Kapila

[Lord Brahma consoles them and tells that the Sāgaras would be killed by sage Kapila. When they were not able to find the horse, they return to King Sāgara who asks them to dig further. After digging up to Rasātala in all four directions, they start digging in the north east. There they see their horse near Kapila. Sage Kapila is enraged, when they start hurting the sage, he burns them all.]

The greatly adorable Lord Brahma after hearing devas replied to them. He saw that they had lost their strength and deprived of their activity and were extremely frightened. 40.1

"This whole earth belongs to the great God Vasudeva. Assuming the form of Sage Kapila he is taking care of the world. And the sons of Sāgara would be burnt to ashes by his great anger." 40.2

"It has been decided in primeval times that the earth will be excavated and that the sons of King Sāgara would have a short life." 40.3

Hearing the words of Lord Brahma, oh killer of enemies, the thirty three devas became exceedingly happy and returned back the way they had come." 40.4

"When the great sons were digging the earth further, they had a thunder like sound emanating from there." 40.5

"After digging the earth and going round it completely, all the sons of Sāgara together addressed their father and told." 40.6

"We have gone round the world. Devas, asuras, Rākṣasas, ghosts, serpents and Kinnaras, who were mighty, were killed. But we are unable to find the one who took away our horse. What should we do? Safety to you. Please think over this and tell us as to what we should do." 407-40.8

Oh son of Raghu clan, that great King, who heard these words of his sons, flew in to great rage and told these words: 40.9

"Dig and excavate the surface of the earth again and return only after you capture the one who has stolen the horse. Safety to you." 40.10

"They, after hearing the words of their father great Sāgara, all the sixty thousand of them, rushed towards Rasātala." 40.11

"After digging further, they saw an elephant of direction named Virūpākṣa, who was similar to a Mountain, supporting the earth." 40.12

"Oh son of the Raghu clan, that Virūpākṣa was holding on its head the earth with its forests and Mountains." 40.13

"Oh son of Kākutstha clan, on certain days when the elephant is taking rest, it shakes its head and there is earth quake in the earth." 40.14

"They went round that great elephant honoured him and after further digging reached Rasātala." 40.15

"After digging the eastern direction completely, they went to the southern direction and started digging there and there they saw a great elephant named Mahapadma which resembled a mighty Mountain carrying the earth on its head and they were astonished." 40.16-40.17

"After going round that elephant there, the great sons of Sāgara went to the west and started digging there." 40.18

"They, who were strong, saw on the western direction also an elephant Samanasa resembling the Mountain." 40.19

"After going round him and honouring him, they went to the North and started digging there." 40.20

"Oh great one of Raghu clan, they saw an elephant named Bhadra in the northern side, who was as white as snow, holding this earth." 40.21

"Afterwards all those sixty thousand sons went round him, touched his feet and started digging the earth." 40.22

"Then, those sons of Sāgara went towards the celebrated north eastern corner and started digging there." 40.23

"All those great ones, who were greatly mighty and had great speed, saw there the sage Kapila, who was eternal and Lord Vishnu himself, and not far away from there they saw their horse grazing; all of them experienced unparalleled joy." 40.24-40.25

"Once they recognized their horse, their eyes turned red due to extreme anger and armed with spades, pick axes, ploughs and all type of trees and stones they rushed towards sage Kapila saying "stay, stay." 40.26-40.27

"Oh wicked one, you have stolen our sacrificial horse; please know that we, who have come here, are the sons of Sāgara." 40.28

Oh son of Raghu clan, hearing their words, sage Kapila was enraged greatly and uttered the sound "Hum" 40.29

Oh son of Kākutstha clan, that great Kapila, who possessed power beyond our imagination, reduced all the sons of Sāgara in to ash. 40.30

This is the end of Fortieth Sarga of Bala Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.