Rāmāyana | Bala Kaṇḍa | Chapter 36

Sargam [Chapter]: 36
Kārtikeya’s Birth Story

[Shiva and Uma lead a married life but no children are born to them. Worried that all the three worlds would be destroyed if a son to both of them is born, at the request of devas, the earth receives the seed of Shiva, who flowers in to a God within fire. That God is Kārtikeya. Uma curses devas as well as earth. Shiva and Uma do further penance.]

The sage completed the narration of the story of the daughters of Mountain. Sri Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa, who were brave, praised it and they further spoke to the sage. 36.1

"Oh Brāhmaṇa, the story that is told by you is in consonance with Dharma and we request you to tell in detail the story of the eldest daughter of the King of the Mountains, as you are aware of it." 36.2

"Why did the purifier of the world take three forms? Why did Ganga became famous as the three part river? What deeds did make her as the most famous river of the world?" 36.3

When the son of Kākutstha clan asked that way to sage Viśvāmitra, who was rich with penance, he decided to offer the story in detail to the great sages. 36.4

"Oh Rāma, that blue necked one, who was a great sage, after seeing the Goddess Uma, began making love to her." 36.5

"That great god with a blue neck spent another hundred years with Uma and, Oh Rāma, still that God of great penance did not get a son." 36.6

"Then Lord Brahma before leading a delegation of devas thought about which type of being would be born to Uma so that they in turn would be prepared for the required action." 36.7

"All the devas saluted Lord Shiva and said to him, Oh God of Gods, Oh greatest God, who is there for doing good to the world, since the devas have prayed to you, there is need to bestow your grace on them and fulfil their request." 36.8-36.9

"Oh greatest God, the world cannot bear to carry your powerful lustrous offspring. As per the rules of Veda please do join with the Goddess and for fulfilling the desires of the world, you please retain that seed which you are going to bring out within yourselves so that the world is protected and not completely destroyed." 36.10-36.11

"Hearing the words of devas, that greatest god of the world, said "So be it" and then further spoke." 36.12

"I would keep my seed within myself and so also Uma would keep her seed herself so that the three worlds derive great pleasure." 36.13

"But that matchless seed of mine, which has already been stirred, needs to be borne by some body. Oh good devas, please tell me as to who will bear it?" 36.14

"In reply to the God, who had the flag with bull, devas said that the seed which has been stirred out would be borne by the earth itself." 36.15

"Thus said, the lord of Gods, the greatly powerful one discharged his seed on the earth with its Mountains and forests so that it spreads all over." 36.16

Those devas again told the fire god, "you along with the wind god enter this greatly potential seed, so that world is not completely destroyed." 36.17

"When the fire god entered the seed, from it a white Mountain as well as a divine forest of reeds emerged shining like the Sun and fire; Kārtikeya also emerged out of fire." 36.18

"After this happened, devas with the sages were extremely pleased and worshipped Shiva and Uma in a grand manner." 36.19

"Oh Rāma, then that daughter of the Mountain with great anger and reddened eyes cursed the people of the three worlds." 36.20

"I, who had desire for a son, have been prevented from getting intimate with my husband and so I curse all of you to become incapable of producing children through your wives." 36.21

"And from now on all your wives would not be eligible to produce any progeny and after cursing them like this, she also cursed the earth" 36.22

"Oh earth, you will have many varied appearances and you would be wife of many people; but due to my great anger, you will never get love from your sons; Oh evil minded one, this happens to you because you prevented me from the love of son." 36.23-36.24

"Seeing all devas thus affected, the Lord of Gods, went to the western side which was ruled by the rain God." 36.25

"On one of those peaks of the Himalaya Mountains, that great God along with Uma settled for penance." 36.26

"Oh Rāma, this is the story of the daughter of the Mountain in detail and you along with Lakṣmaṇa, please hear about the power of Ganga." 36.27

This is the end of Thirty Sixth Sarga of Bala Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.