Rāmāyana | Bala Kaṇḍa | Chapter 33

Sargam [Chapter]: 33
Kuśanabha's Daughters Marriage

[When the daughters inform this to King Kuśanabha, he searches for a suitable groom for them and gives them in marriage to King Brahma Dutta, who was the son of a sage and an Apsarās. As soon as he touches their hands, they get rid of their curse.]

"After hearing the words of great Kuśanabha, those girls touched his feet with their head and told." 33.1

"Oh King, the wind god, who is everywhere, wanted to dishonour us by improper approach and disregarding Dharma." 33.2

"We are dependent on our father and it would be proper, Oh wind God, if you approach our father to know whether he is willing to give us to you." 33.3

"Due to his being tied by sinful words, that wind god did not bother about our words and harmed us." 33.4

"That greatly resplendent King, who was a great follower of Dharma, on hearing their words replied like this to those matchless one hundred daughters." 33.5

"Oh daughters, having patience and self-control, you have done your actions in great glory and due to your unity, the prestige of my clan has also been kept up." 33.6

"Patience is a great ornament for ladies and also for men, and it is extremely difficult to forgive and is very rare even among devas, asuras and human beings, and oh daughters, the patience that all of you have is to be greatly appreciated." 33.7

"Oh Daughters, patience is great charity; it is the truth and great Yagna. It is fame, it is Dharma and the entire universe is resting because of patience." 33.8

"Oh son of Kakustha clan, after leaving his daughters, that King, valorous in all three worlds and who is also an expert in thought, did consultations with his important ministers and discussed about his duty over time and distance." 33.9-33.10

"During that time, there was a great resplendent sage called Chuli, who was strict in Brahmacharya, followed good rituals and had achieved greatness in doing penance on Brahma." 33.11

"When this sage was doing penance, a Gandharva maid whose name was Somadha and who was the daughter of Urmilā served him." 33.12

"She bowed down to him and served him with righteousness and after some time that sage, who was follower of Dharma, was greatly satisfied with her service." 33.13

"Oh son of the Raghu clan, that sage, after passage of sometime told her, "I am happy with your service, what shall I do to please you?" 33.14

"Seeing that the sage was pleases that very happy Gandharva lady, who was an expert in language told that sage " 33.15

"Oh great sage, who has supreme knowledge of Brahman, with your penance you have become equal to Lord Brahma, I may be blessed with a son who is the follower of Dharma." 33.16

"Since I am not married to any one, I am not a wife to any one and I have taken shelter under you, it is suitable that you give me a son." 33.17

"That Brahmin sage became pleased with her and that Chuli gave her a son, who became very famous, with the name of Brahma Dutta." 33.18

"He became a King to the city named Kampilya. He was similar to Indra, the King of heaven, and ruled it with superb grandeur." 33.19

"Oh son of Kākutstha clan, that King Kushnabha, who was the follower of Dharma, endowed with great intelligence, made up his mind to give all his hundred daughters in marriage to King Brahma Dutta." 33.20

"Then that great King invited King Brahma Dutta and gave all his hundred daughters in marriage to him with great joy in his inner mind." 33.21

"Oh son of Raghu clan, as per the tradition, the King Brahma Dutta, who was like the King of Devas, took the palm of each of those girls in his hand in order." 33.22

"As soon he touched their hands, their desperation and hunch backed form vanished and each of those hundred maidens became like Goddess Lakshmi and all of them shined brightly." 33.23

"Seeing them getting released from the curse of Wind God, that King Kuśanabha became extremely joyful and again and again was filled with joy when he looked at his daughters." 33.24

"After completing the marriage ceremony of his daughters to King Brahma Dutta, King Kuśanabha bid farewell to all of them including the priests of King Brahma Dutta." 33.25

"Gandharva lady Somadha became happy with the matchless job done by his son in getting those pretty wives. She caressed her son Brahma Dutta and her daughter in laws again and again; she praised the King Kuśanabha greatly." 33.26

This is the end of Thirty Third Sarga of Bala Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.