Rāmāyana | Bala Kaṇḍa | Chapter 30

Sargam [Chapter]: 30
Viśvāmitra's Penance and Rāma's Protection

[The sages tells Rāma that he has to give protection for six days and nights. On the sixth day two Asuras called Mārīcha and Subāhu come to create problems to the Yagna. Rāma uses Manava arrow to throw out Mārīcha and Agni arrow to kill Subāhu. Viśvāmitra completes the Yagna and appreciates Rāma.]

Then those princes, who were killer of their enemies, who behaved suitably and talked well according to time and place, spoke the following words to sage Viśvāmitra. 30.1

"Oh Lord, we will like to know as to when the night farers [Rākṣasas] will come and which time we have to safeguard the ritual so that we could take care of it." 30.2

Hearing the words of the sons of Kākutstha dynasty, who were making haste to combat with, Asuras and all the sages there appreciated the sons of the king. 30.3

"Oh Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa, you have to guard this ritual from now on for six days and nights; sage Viśvāmitra, who has entered in to penance, would be observing the ritual of not speaking till then." 30.4

Those two famous princes, after hearing those words, started guarding the forest of penance without sleeping for six nights and days. 30.5

Those valiant ones, who were great archers and killers of their enemy, with great alertness, moved around the sacrificial fire and protested the great sage Viśvāmitra. 30.6

Time passed and the sixth day arrived; Rāma told Lakṣmaṇa, "Be alert and be well prepared." 30.7

When Rāma was saying this for quickening to fight, the fire in the fire place suddenly flared up brightening the chief Kartha [doer] of the Yagna and other sages surrounding him. 30.8

The altar of the fire, around which sacred grass Durba, drinking vessels, oblation spoons, sacred wooden sticks and heaps of flowers were there, attended by sage Viśvāmitra and other sages conducting the Yagna [Ritvik], suddenly flared up highly. 30.9

When the Mantras of the Yajña were being chanted as per the ritual, a fearsome high noise was heard high up in the sky suddenly. 30.10

Clouds are suddenly seen in an angry cloud burst. Likewise, in the surrounding sky, two Rākṣasa who were experts in illusion and magic appeared there. 30.11

The monstrous Rākṣasas, Mārīcha and Subāhu, along with their assistants started to pour down blood and pieces of animals. 30.12

Seeing the fire alter swamped by blood and pieces of meat, Rāma, with great courage, ran there and saw those Rākṣasa there. 30.13

The lotus eyed Rāma, seeing that those dangerous people were about to fall on the fire alter in haste, addressing Lakṣmaṇa told the following. 30.14

"Oh Lakṣmaṇa, I am reluctant to kill these ill-behaved Rākṣasas, who are the eaters of raw flesh. They are going to be puffed out like a strong wind removing thick clouds by the Manava arrows, without any doubt whatsoever. 30.15

Saying this, he set up the Manava arrow, with its great shine and generosity, with great speed and great anger, towards Mārīcha's chest. 30.16-30.17

Hit by that great arrow called Manava, Mārīcha was hurled a full two hundred miles in the billowing sea in the tidal waters. 30.18

On seeing Mārīcha being hurled away by the cold arrow without consciousness and thrown out to a place where he is harmless, Rāma told Lakṣmaṇa. 30.19

"Lakṣmaṇa, see the effect of cold arrow called Manava, which was made by Manu, which took him away in an unconscious state but did not kill him." 30.20

"But I wish to kill these Rākṣasas, as they are ruthless, badly behaved, abide in evil, destroyers of Yagna and blood drinkers." 30.21

After saying this to Lakṣmaṇa, to show his swiftness and dexterity, collecting the very powerful arrow of fire god, sent it towards the chest of Subāhu, who fell dead, flat on earth. 30.22

That famous and extremely generous Rāma, in order to bring comfort to the sages, sent the arrow of wind god so that the remains of Rākṣasas do not fall there. 30.23

That son of Raghu clan, killed the Rākṣasas, who were hindering the rituals; All those sages honoured him like Indra was honoured after his victory. 30.24

After the end of the Yagna, the great sage Viśvāmitra, seeing all directions without any calamities, told like this to the son of Kākutstha clan. 30.25

I am indebted to you, oh greatly valorous one, for protecting Siddha Āśrama as per the wishes of your Guru and made your great fame as a true hero. After appreciating Rāma like this, the dusk approached and they all went to do the rituals of the dusk. 30.26

This is the end of Thirtieth Sarga of Bala Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.