Rāmāyana | Bala Kaṇḍa | Chapter 29

Sargam [Chapter]: 29
Viśvāmitra's Penance at Siddha Āśrama

[Sage Viśvāmitra then tells Rāma the story of Mahabali who did a great sacrifice in this forest called Siddha Āśrama. Lord Vishnu, at the request of devas, takes an incarnation of dwarf Vamana and stifles the pride of Mahabali. The three worlds are given back to Indra. Siddha Āśrama is chosen by great sages to do penance and Viśvāmitra also does penance there. Then at the request of Rāma, Viśvāmitra begins the penance to do the Yagna and Rāma guards him along with Lakṣmaṇa.]

When the matchless Rāma asked these questions, the highly resplendent Viśvāmitra answered. 29.1

"Oh greatly valorous Rāma, the worshipful Lord Vishnu, saluted by devas, spent several years, hundreds of yugas, in penance and in practice of Yoga at this place." 29.2

"Oh Rāma, this was the hermitage of the great soul Vāmana and this was very well known as Siddha Āśrama and only great Siddhas did their penance here." 29.3

"At that time when Vishnu was doing his penance here, Mahabāli, the son of Virochana, had completely conquered all devas which included Indra and Maruts. He ruled all the three worlds and was greatly renowned for his rule." 29.4-29.5

"That strong and great King of Asuras started doing a Yagna. Seeing that Bali was the conductor of Yagna, devas led by Fire God approached Lord Vishnu here." 29.6

"Oh Lord Vishnu, Bali, the son of Virochana, is conducting a great yajña and we request you to fulfil our request before the Yagna is completed." 29.7

"Wherever a person is hailing from, if they approach him with a request, wherever it is and whatever it may be, he fulfils all such requests." 29.8

"Oh Lord Vishnu, you may kindly do a well merited deed aimed at the welfare of the devas by assuming the form of a dwarf Vāmana, by your great power of illusion, approach Bali and do an auspicious deed that would benefit all of us." 29.9

When these incidents were taking place, sage Kaśyapa, who has the lustre like fire God, along with Āditi resplendent in his great vitality, completed divine penance for a period of one thousand years and made Lord Vishnu, the killer of Madhu, happy. When the penance ended Lord Vishnu, the giver of boons, was greatly pleased and told sage Kaśyapa." 29.10-29.11

"Oh great sage, you are full of penance, you have earned the effects of penance, you are the form as well as soul of penance and I am able to see you with the well-practised penance." 29.12

Sage Kaśyapa said to Lord Vishnu this way, "I am able to see all the worlds in your body, Oh my lord. You are without beginning and end; it is impossible to define you and so I surrender to you." 29.13

Lord Vishnu, pleased with sage Kaśyapa, who had a blemish less body, told him, "It is my opinion that you are fit to ask for a boon, please ask one." 29.14

Hearing those words, Kaśyapa, the son of Mārīcha, told "Oh god who blesses, Oh God who performs penances, I feel that you should give this boon to lady Āditi as well as to the devas; I am begging you to give them the boon." 29.15

"Oh spotless one, please become the son of me as well as Āditi. Oh killer of asuras, you would become brother of Indra by doing this. And it is fit, that by doing this, you would completely remove the sorrows of all devas who are in trouble." 29.16-29.17

"As I did my austerities in this hermitage, it should be named as Siddha Āśrama and I request you to become my son here." 29.18

Then the great resplendent Lord Vishnu arose from Āditi and took the form of Dwarf Vāmana and approached Bali, the son of Virochana. 20.19

Next, for the good of all the world, Vāmana begged for three feet of Land and on receiving it, with three steps he strode over all the three worlds, gave the earth to Indra and he also gave back Bali his vitality and thus Lord Vishnu made the three worlds under the control of Indra. 29.20-29.21

"This hermitage which was once presided over by Vishnu is the destroyer of tiresomeness and I make use of this area greatly by my devotion to Lord Vāmana." 29.22

"To this hermitage, Rākṣasas, who are the creator of obstacles, would come and Oh tiger among men, you will have to kill them at that time." 29.23

"Oh Rāma, now we will go to the matchless Siddha Āśrama and like the fact that this hermitage belongs to me, it also belongs to you." 29.24

After saying this, that great sage lead Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa and entered that hermitage; Two of them shined like moon entering the Punarvasu [Punartham] star, after dispersal of the mist. 29.25

Then, seeing the sage all those, who lived in Siddha Āśrama, got up and respected sage Viśvāmitra. 29.26

They did worship that was filling to the great sage Viśvāmitra and also offered great hospitality to those princes Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa. 29.27

Those sons of King, who were capable of killing their enemies, took rest for a while and saluting the tiger among sages, they told as follows. 29.28

"Today itself you can enter in to penance for conducting the Yagna and let this great Siddha Āśrama eradicate vice true to its name and as per your words." 29.29

When they told this, that resplendent great sage Viśvāmitra entered in to ritualistic penance according to rules and controlled all his senses. 29.30

The lads spent the night in well prepared vigilant guarding and in the morning got up and completed their morning rituals and undertook meditation in a pure state according to rules. Viśvāmitra, who has done the ritual of fire, spoke to them thus. 29.31-29.32

This is the end of Twenty Ninth Sarga of Bala Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.