Rāmāyana | Bala Kaṇḍa | Chapter 27

Sargam [Chapter]: 27
Viśvāmitra's Teaching of Divine Weapons

[Viśvāmitra gives all the divine weapons that he has got as boons and also the ones which he had got from his ancestors to Lord Rāma.]

Then the great sage Viśvāmitra, after staying that night in the forest, spoke the following sweet words to Rāma on the next day. 27.1

"I am pleased with you, be safe oh famous prince. I am giving happily all the suitable arrows to you with great love." 27.2

"Devas, asuras, Gandharvas, serpents and men of earth have dominated unfriendly enemies in war by various divine arrows and I am going to give all of them to you. Please be safe." 27.3

"Oh Rāghava, I am giving you the Punishing Wheel; Oh person with great strength, I am giving you the Wheel of Dharma. I will also give you the Wheel of Time [death?], Wheel of Lord Vishnu, Wheel of Indra and also his Vajrayudha [Diamond Weapon]. Oh best among men, I am also giving you the blessed Trident, the arrow called Brahma Crest, the Grass Blade Missile and the incomparable Brahma Astra." 27.4-27.5-27.6

"Oh Kakustha, oh tiger among men, oh son of the king, I am giving you two shining maces called Modaki [beater] and Shikari [hunter]." 27.7

"Oh Rāma, I am giving you three nooses called Dharma Pasa [Noose of Dharma], Kala Pasa [Noose of Death], Varuṇa Pāśa [Noose of Varuṇa] and a un-equalled Astra called Varuṇa Astra." 27.8

"Oh son of Raghu clan, I will also give you two bolts called Shushka [Thin One] and Aardhhra [Drencher]; I am also giving you One Astra by Pinaka as well as the Nārāyaṇa Astra." 27.9

"Oh sinless Rāma, I am also giving you two missiles belonging to Fire God called Shikaram [Tower] and Prathamam [First One] and also that of the Wind God called Vayava Astra." 27.10

"Oh Kakustha, Oh Rāghava, I will give you two weapons called Hayasira [Horses Head] and also another one called Krouncha [Poison Arrow]." 27.11

"I am also giving you several weapons for killing the Rākṣasas viz., the horrible pounder called Kankala, rods called kapalam [skull] and Kinkini [bell]" 27.12

"Oh valorous one, Oh son of the king, I am giving you the great arrow of Vidyādharas called Nandanam and also I am giving you a sword whose handle is studded by rubies." 27.13

Oh Rāma, I am giving you the arrows which are liked by Gandharvas called Mohana [bewitcher], Prasvapana [inducer of sleep] and one called Prashamana [pacifier]". 27.14

Oh very famous one, Oh tiger among men, Oh son of a king, please take the following missiles from me viz., Varshanam [which causes rain], Santhapana [which causes sorrow], Vilaapana [which makes one cry out loudly], Mohana [bewitcher] which is the defenceless arrow of God of Love Manmatha, Mānava [man] which is pet missile of Gandharvas and Piśācha [Ghostly] which is the dear missile of devils and ghosts. 27.15-27.16

"Oh tiger among men, Oh darling son of the king, I will also be giving you several good hearted powerful missiles like Samvartha [whirl wind], Mausala [club], Sathya [truth] and Maya Maya [Complete illusion]. Oh mighty armed Rāma, I will also give you a missile of the Sun God called Theja Prabha [which reduces the power of enemy], the arrow of the Moon God called Shirhira [autumn], the fatal arrow of Thwashta called Sudhamana, the dangerous missile of Bhaga called Sheethasu [which causes cold] and Manus arrow called Manava [Human Being]. 27.17-27.20

"Oh Rāma, who is greatly valorous, these powerful arrows can take any shape they like and are highly providential. Oh prince, take them immediately from me." 27.21

Then that pure sage facing East gave him, likeable Rāma, the matchless chants for these arrows. 27.22

These great collections were very difficult to get even for devas and such arrows were given to Rāma by that sage. 27.23

When the great sage Viśvāmitra chanted those spells, all those arrows appeared there so that they are available to Rāma. 27.24

Those great shining arrows then told Sri Rāma, "We are now dedicated servants to you, Rāma. Whatever you order, we would accomplish them all." 27.25

That powerful Rāma with a great pleasure told them, after patting them with his palm, "Please come before me as and when I need you." And he bid them farewell. 27.26-27.27

Then that pleased Rāma saluted the great sage Viśvāmitra and readied himself for further journey. 27.28

This is the end of Twenty Seventh of Bala Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.