Rāmāyana | Bala Kaṇḍa | Chapter 25

Sargam [Chapter]: 25
Thataka's Story

[Then the sage tells about the story of Thataka in detail and requests him to kill her in spite of her being a lady.]

Hearing the great words of the sage with inestimable power, the tiger among men replied with these powerful words. 25.1

"Oh great sage, I have heard that the female Yakṣīs are of less strength and also we hear that females are frail by nature. Then how can Thataka have the strength of thousand elephants." 25.2

Hearing the words of Rāma, who has limitless power and great dynamism, sage Viśvāmitra cheered them up and said to him and to Lakṣmaṇa, the killer of foes, "She became very powerful and of great strength because of the boon that she got." 25.3-25.4

"Once upon a time, there was a great and valorous Yakṣa called Sukethu. Since he was not blessed with children, he performed great penance along with good rituals." 25.5

"Lord Brahma became greatly pleased with him and he was blessed to have a gem of female child, who would become very famous as Thataka." 25.6

"Lord Brahma gave her as much strength as one thousand elephants; but did not bless him with a son anticipating that a male son would be dangerous." 25.7

"She was blessed with beauty, youth and strength as well as fame; she was given in marriage to Sinda, the son of Jamba." 25.8

"After some time that Yakṣī gave birth to a indomitable son called Mārīcha, who turned in to a Rākṣasa because of a curse." 25.9

"When Sinda was destroyed by the curse of the great sage Agastya, that Yakṣī Thataka along with her son Mārīcha wanted to retaliate against the sage." 25.10

"When she jumped with a roar on the great sage Agastya, he, seeing the great danger to him, cursed Mārīcha to become a Rākṣasa." 25.11

"The greatly enraged sage Agastya immediately cursed Thataka also to become one with a very ugly face and also have a distorted form. He also cursed her to become one who eats human beings." 25.12-25.13

"Due to the great frenzy caused by the curse, Thataka became benumbed with anger, started wandering in this place of sage Agasthya and started destroying it." 25.14

"Oh Rāma, that Yakṣī with a bad behaviour and atrociousness, should be destroyed by you for the good of Brahmins and cows." 25.15

"There is no one who can kill the cursed one except you. Oh Son of Raghu clan, no one else in these three worlds can fight with her except you." 25.16

"Oh great man, as regard to compassion in case of the killing of a woman is not a problem; since, as the son of a King, you are supposed to protect the interests of the people belonging to the four castes." 25.17

"The King, who protects, for protecting his citizens, should be ruthless and vilify deeds like this at times; humane at other times." 25.18

"To him, who carries the burden of his kingdom, Oh Rāma, this is the dharma and so, son of Kakustha clan, you have to kill her in whom there is no goodness whatsoever is visible." 25.19

"We have heard that once Indra eliminated Mandāra, who was the daughter of Virochana, when she wanted to destroy the earth." 25.20

"Oh Rāma, once upon a time, even Vishnu destroyed the virtuous wife of Brihaspati and also the mother of sage Shukra when they both wanted that world should not have a king." 25.21

"There are many other great princes, who killed women, who went against Dharma and so great among men, leaving out the compassion and as per my order kill her." 25.22

This is the end of Twenty Fifth Sarga of Bala Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.