Rāmāyana | Bala Kaṇḍa | Chapter 21

Sargam [Chapter]: 21
Viśvāmitra's Anger and Vaṣiṣṭha's Advice

[Viśvāmitra gets angry with Daśaratha and then sage Vaṣiṣṭha tells about how great and strong Viśvāmitra is and how he will take care of the children.]

Hearing the extremely tottering words of Daśaratha due to his great love to his son, that sage Kauśika replied in great anger. 21.1

"Having promised to me earlier, now you are repudiating the promise and is not at all proper to a King born in the clan of Raghu." 21.2

"If this is what you want to do, I would return as I have come and oh King of Kākutstha clan, with your false promises, you can live happily with person who are related to you" 21.3

When that sage Viśvāmitra was caught in anger, the entire earth trembled and fear entered in to the mind of the Devas. 21.4

Then the courageous Vaṣiṣṭha, who has observed great penance, afraid at seeing the appearance of the world, said the following words to the king. 21.5

"Born in the clan of Ikshvāku, you are the real defender of Dharma, a staunch person, one who does great penance and also a gentleman and it does not suit you to forsake Dharma." 21.6

"Oh Daśaratha, being renowned in all the three worlds as upholder of Dharma, you adhere to dharma and it is not proper for you to do an unrighteous act." 21.7

"Ok King of the Raghu clan, as promised this deed should be carried out, as Veda says that we should act as promised and so permit Rāma." 21.8

"Whether Rāma is trained or not trained in using of weapons, as long as Sage Kauśika protects him like the fire protecting the Nectar, Rākṣasas cannot do any harm to him." 21.9

"He is the personification of Dharma and a blessed hero; there is no one to match his intelligence and he is considered as greatest among the sages." 21.10

"He is an expert in various types of weapons and in the world of moving and unmoving things; there is no one who knows as much as him." 21.11

"None of the devas, sages, those without death, Rākṣasas, the clan members of Yakṣas and Gandharvas, Kinnaras as well as great serpents can equal him." 21.12

"The great upholder of dharma, the son of Krusasva, knows all weapons, when he was ruling over a country." 21.13

"He being the son of the daughter of Krusasva Prajāpati, got all weapons from him; they are all of various types, dazzling and assurer of victories. " 21.14

"Jaya and Suprabhā, daughters of Dakṣa Prajāpati, gave birth to a hundred shining weapons and arrows." 21.15

"On getting Jaya as wife, Krusasva Prajāpati got five hundred best valorous and formless sons so that he can completely destroy the army of asuras." 21.16

"Suprabhā also gave birth to another five hundred sons; they were the valorous, mighty and unconquerable eliminators." 21.17

"And this son of Kuśika, knows well about all those weapons and being a strict follower of Dharma, he again was capable of creating un-assailable new weapons." 21.18

"And so there is nothing, even little, which is unknown of what has happened and what is going to happen to this great sage, who is a great soul of Dharma." 21.19

"Oh king, because of this, it is not proper that you should have doubt of whatsoever about Rāma accompanying this very great sage." 21.20

"And this great son of Kuśika himself can kill those Rākṣasas and he is asking for your sons, only with the aim of bestowing further good to him." 21.21

Having become composed and happy after hearing the words of the sage, that great King of the Raghu dynasty, wholeheartedly agreed for the departure of Rāma along with the great son of Kuśika. 21.22

This is the end of Twenty First Sarga of Bala Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.