Rāmāyana | Bala Kaṇḍa | Chapter 19

Sargam [Chapter]: 19
Viśvāmitra's Request

[Sage Viśvāmitra says that he is troubled by Asuras who stop his Yagna. Since he cannot get angry nor curse them, he requests for assistance of Rāma.]

Hearing the astonishing detail from the lion among kings, Sage Viśvāmitra with hairs standing erect on his body said: 19.1

"Oh tiger among kings, since you having been born in a illustrious lineage and also having been taught by sage Vaṣiṣṭha, these words that you spoke suits you and it cannot be otherwise." 19.2

"Oh tiger among kings, I will tell you about the purpose which is in my mind and please take a decision which is suitable to your words. " 19.3

"Great man, for the successful completion of the yajña, which I propose to conduct, I shall be abiding by great discipline and two Rākṣasas who can assume any shape they want would create impediments for its conduct." 19.4

"When I am about to complete the fire sacrifice, two well-trained Rākṣasas called Mārīcha and Subāhu would rain blood and flesh on the fire altar." 19.5

"When thus my solemn vow and resolve has been interrupted, I got greatly discouraged and left from that place." 19.6

"Oh king, my mind does not permit me to vent my wrath and the rules of sacrifice forbids me from cursing them." 19.7

"Oh king, it would be proper for you to entrust the protection of the Yagna to the valiant Rāma with great prowess and who has side locks of hair." 19.8

"Rāma would be protected by me as well by his divine power; he is capable of destroying those Rākṣasas who cause those impediments." 19.9

"I would give him several types of blessings for his well-being and I am sure, he will also attain great fame in all the three worlds." 19.10

"Mārīcha and Subāhu would not be able to withstand Rāma in anyway and there is no one except Rāghava who would be capable of destroying them. " 19.11

"Those two wicked people, who are proud of their strength, have already been tied by the God of Death and Oh king, they are no match to Rāma." 19.12

"It is not proper for you to show any hesitation due to your parental affection; I can assure you that those two Rākṣasas will perish." 19.13

"I know Rāma is great and truly valorous and this is known to sage Vaṣiṣṭha and other sages who are here." 19.14

"Oh king, if you are looking forward to earn Dharma and also yearn for great fame in this world, it is only proper for you to give Rāma to me," 19.15

"King belonging to the clan of Kākutstha, if all your advisors, sage Vaṣiṣṭha being foremost among them, agree to this, then only you can relieve Rāma." 19.16

"You may relieve the lotus eyed and detached Rāma for a period of ten nights to protect this great sacrifice." 19.17

"Oh descendent of Raghu, act in such a manner that my fire sacrifice does not get delayed in any manner and do not indulge in grief in your mind. Prosperity to you." 19.18

That sage Viśvāmitra who is of great lustre and a soul of Dharma having spoken these words which are essentially dharmic, then became silent. 19.19

That great King, after listening to the auspicious words of Viśvāmitra, fell in to intense grief out of fear and became despondent. 19.20

The heart of the great King, after having listened to the great sage in this manner, became greatly broken, mentally agitated and felt as if he was shaken from his throne. 19.21

This is the end of Nineteenth Sarga of Bala Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.