Rāmāyana | Bala Kaṇḍa | Chapter 17

Sargam [Chapter]: 17
Creation of Monkeys

[As per the instruction of Lord Brahma each of the Devas, Gandharvas as well as great sages created Monkeys to assist Lord Rāma in his task.]

When Lord Vishnu decided to be born as the son to the great king, Lord Brahma, who had made himself, spoke these words to the devas: 17.1

"You may create a group of strong assistants, who can assume any form they wish, to assist Lord Vishnu who keeps up his promise, valorous and wants to help others." 17.2

"You may create using the body of chief Apsarās and Gandharva women, yourself in the form of supernatural, brave and intelligent monkeys, who are an experts in illusion, who are equal to wind God in speed, who are knowledgeable of administration, who are as valorous as lord Vishnu, who would complete the job entrusted to them, who had knowledge of various tricks of warfare, who can resist all sort of weapons and resembling the devas who subsist on amrita. 17.3-17.5

Earlier, I had created Jambhavan, who is a great bear, from my face when I was yawning. 17.6

All of them, having been instructed in this manner by God Brahma, agreed to the proposal and gave birth to sons with the monkey form. 17.7

The great sages, Sidhas, Vidyādharas, Yakṣas and Chāraṇas caused heroic monkey sons, who were forest dwellers, born to them. 17.8

Indra created Vali with a mighty and great body and made him the chief of monkeys and he lived in Mahendra Mountain and Sun God created Sugrīva. 17.9

Lord Guru created the intelligent Tara, whom no monkey can surpass among the monkey chiefs. 17.10

Khubera created a glorious monkey called Gandhamādana and Viśvakarma begot a monkey called Nala. 17.11

Nīla was the son of fire god and equalled fire in his lustre and due to his great power surpassed all other monkeys. 17.12

Endowed with wealth of beauty, Aśvinī Devas created Maindha and Dvividha, who were well known for their handsome form. 17.13

Varuṇa created a monkey warrior called Suṣeṇa and Parjanya created the very strong Sarabha. 17.14

The wind God Vāyu created dignified and graceful Hanuman, who had great prowess, wisdom and courage, who had a body as hard as a Diamond and could travel as fast as Garuda. 17.15

Several thousands of courageous with immeasurable strength, who were capable of assuming any form and who were desirous of helping in killing of Rāvaṇa, were created. 17.16

Having the bodies similar to Meru and Mandāra Mountain, great monkeys, bears and cow tail monkeys came quickly into being. 17.17

All those sons, who could never be defeated, took the form and prowess of the gods who created them. 17.18

Some persons of highly honoured valour were born to monkeys with tails and some were born to female bears and female Kinnaras. 17.19

Devas, Sages, Gandharvas, Garuḍas, Yakṣas, renowned serpents, Kimpuruṣas, Sidhas, Vidyādharas, many well pleased beings, Uragas who were there and Apsarās, Vidyādhāris, Nagas and Gandharvas created large number of gigantic monkeys who were wandering in the forest. 17.20- 17.22

They were of great strength and could assume any form they liked and could get whatever they desire to be done, were like lions and tigers in arrogance and strength. 17.23

All of them could strike with rocks and all of them could fight with trees as weapons; they used nail and teeth as weapons even though they were capable of using any weapon. 17.24

They all could move Mountains, uproot huge deep rooted trees and with great speed cause disturbance to the ocean, which is the lord of all rivers. 17.25

They could cause holes on the earth with their feet; they could cross the mighty ocean with one leap; they could even enter the sky and seize a cloud. 17.26

They could even capture the wild elephants living in the forest and with their roaring sounds, they could make flying objects to fall down. 17.27

One crore of monkeys, which can assume any form they wish, eminent monkeys which could command forces, were created. 17.28

Those monkey commanders created many heroic monkeys, who could become chief of monkey clans, who later on became great clan leaders. 17.29

Some monkeys and thousands of bears occupied top of the Mountains and plateaus and yet others lived in various types of forests and Mountains. 17.30

The leaders of monkey forces Nala, Nīla, Hanuman and others dwelt near the two brothers Sugrīva [son of Sun God] and Vali [son of Indra]. 17.31

They, who were having the strength of Garuda and all of them well versed in war fare, tormented lions, tigers and serpents which were moving around due to their pride. 17.32

Vali, the mighty armed leader who had great strength, protected all of them as well as the bears and cow tailed monkeys. 17.33

They, who were valiant, could assume any form they liked with various characteristic of the body, formed tribes and lived in Mountains, forests and oceans. 17.34

Resembling masses of clouds and Mountain peaks and endowed with great strength, they, with their fearful forms and countenances with their monkey forces, covered the earth in order to assist Rāma. 17.35

This is the end of Seventeenth Sarga of Bala Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.