Rāmāyana | Bala Kaṇḍa | Chapter 16

Sargam [Chapter]: 16
Puthra Kameshti

[Lord Vishnu agrees to the proposal. From the fire, a divine being emerges and gives a pot of Pāyasam and requests Daśaratha to distribute it among his wives. Kausalya gets half, Kaikeyi gets another portion and Sumatra gets two shares. After some time all the queens become pregnant.]

Having been thus requested by the best of the Devas, Lord Nārāyaṇa, though he was aware of everything, spoke in a soft voice addressing them. 16.1

"What strategies should be adopted by us so that I am able to kill Rāvaṇa and protect the sages?" 16.2

When devas were addressed in this way by the imperishable Lord Vishnu, they replied, "You should adopt a human form and then kill Rāvaṇa in a war?" 16.3

"Oh destroyer of enemies, that Rāvaṇa did very severe penance for a very long time, the creator of the world, who was born before the world, was extremely pleased with it." 16.4

"That Lord, mightily pleased by Rāvaṇa, gave him a boon that he will not have fear of death from several beings other than man as he had ignored man while seeking the boon." 16.5

"Having obtained the boon from Lord Brahma, Rāvaṇa became filled with pride, destroyed the three worlds, carried away women by violence and for those reasons, Oh great God, he needs to be killed." 16.6-16.7

Having heard all these words of the devas, Lord Vishnu with great knowledge, chose to be born to King Daśaratha. 16.8

At this time, King Daśaratha, the destroyer of enemies, who had great lustre, who has no sons, was performing Purthakameshti for being blessed with sons. 16.9

Having taken the decision, Lord Vishnu, who was being worshipped by devas, took leave of Lord Brahma and disappeared. 16.10

At that time, while King Daśaratha was performing the fire sacrifice, from the fire emerged a red faced great being with unmatched power, with great strength and valour, clad in a blackish red garment, having a voice like a drum, with soft beard, tawny hair and lion like mane, endowed with all auspicious signs, adorned with divine ornaments, resembling in height a peak of a Mountain, walking like an arrogant tiger, with a lustre of a sun, who was looking like the crest of a raging fire, with both hands holding, a pure large golden vessel containing Pāyasam [kheer] and covered with a silver lid. His hands resembled the hands of the wife of Daśaratha and appeared to be created of illusion. 16.11-16.15

Having seen King Daśaratha, that being told, "Oh king, please know me as the person sent by Lord of all beings, Lord Brahma." 16.16

After that, the King replied with folded hands, "Oh Lord, welcome to you, how can I be of service to you?" 16.17

At that time, the person sent by the lord of all beings replies in return, "Ok king, having worshipped devas, you have got this blessed offering." 16.18

"Oh best among the kings, please receive this Pāyasam from me, which has been prepared to bestow progenies to you as well as bless you with affluence and health." 16.19

"Oh King, who has performed this sacrifice for getting children, please give this to your wives who match with you and request them to consume it." 16.20

With bowed head, the King went round that person and received the golden vessel, sent by devas, in which was the food prepared by devas. 16.21

After saluting that wonderful looking being, who was very nice to behold, that King with great joy went round that being again and again. 16.22

After that, Daśaratha, having obtained that Pāyasam prepared by devas, was as pleased like a poor person who had obtained great wealth. 16.23

Then that shining being, with a wonderful lustre, having finished the task assigned to him, disappeared from there. 16.24

The private apartment of the king got brightened with rays of happiness and it shined like a sky of autumn with a shining full moon. 16.25

The King after entering his private apartment addressed Kausalya and told, "Please receive this Pāyasam which is capable of giving you sons." 16.26

Then the King gave half the Pāyasam, which was like nectar, to his wife Kausalya and then half of the remaining part to his wife Sumatra for getting him sons and gave half of the remaining part to his wife Kaikeyi. On further thinking, he gave whatever was left out to Sumatra. This way that King distributed the entire Pāyasam among his wives. 16.27-16.29

Those very best wives of the king were extremely delighted to receive the Pāyasam and felt greatly honoured. 16.30

Then those excellent consorts of the king, who were glowing like the fire and sun, consumed the divinely blessed Pāyasam separately and after a short gap of time became pregnant. 16.31

Then the King having seen his pregnant wives, developed a mind of gratefulness and became delighted like Lord Vishnu, who was worshipped by Indra, Sidhas and sages. 16.32

This is the end of Sixteenth Sarga of Bala Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.