Rāmāyana | Bala Kaṇḍa | Chapter 15

Sargam [Chapter]: 15
Puthreshti and Story of Rāvaṇa

[Sage Riṣyaśriṇga starts the Putra Ishti according to Atharva Veda. Devas, who have assembled there, complain about the problems being created by Rāvaṇa due to his boon. Lord Brahma assures that he can be killed by a man and devas request Lord Vishnu to be born as four sons of Daśaratha.]

That great intellectual [Riṣyaśriṇga], who was a great expert in Vedas, then thought for a while and after he got the results of his search, he told the King: 15.1

For the sake of getting sons for you, I will perform according to the traditions, the Puthreshti sacrifice as detailed in the Atharva Sīrśa part of the Vedas, which is capable of fulfilling your desire to have a son. 15.2

That Riṣyaśriṇga, with great lustre, commenced the fire sacrifice aimed at begetting sons chanted the Mantras and poured oblations in the fire according to rules so that the King would beget sons. 15.3

All devas, Sidhas, Gandharvas and great sages assemble there to get their share from the sacrifice. 15.4

Having assembled there as per the custom, those devas told as follows to Lord Brahma, the creator of the world. 15.5

"Oh God, a Rākṣasa called Rāvaṇa, having obtained great powers through your blessings, is creating problems to us and we are not capable of punishing him." 15.6

"Oh God, in olden times, pleased with his penance, you had granted him a boon and honouring the boon, we are enduring his cruelty towards us." 15.7

"That evil minded one is inflicting pain on the people of the three worlds. He hates the guardians of earth and is greatly desirous of assaulting Indra who is our King." 15.8

"That one, who is difficult to oppose, because of your boons, becoming proud, he is attacking sages, Yakṣas, Gandharvas, Devas and Brahmins." 15.9

"The sun does not burn him, the wind which blows becomes still once he sees Rāvaṇa." 15.10

"Due to his terrible looks, he creates great fear in us. Oh lord, you have to find out some means to kill him." 15.11

Having greatly reflected on the words spoken by devas, Lord Brahma said, "The means of destruction of that bad soul is already known." 15.12

When he wanted that he should not be killed by Devas, Asuras, Gandharvas and Yakṣas, I said "so be it." 15.13

"That Rākṣasa, due to his poor opinion of man, did not include them in his wish. For that reason, he is fit to be killed by a man and no one else." 15.14

Hearing those dear words uttered by Brahma, devas and sages felt happy. 15.15

At this time, Lord Vishnu carrying conch, wheel and mace, dressed in yellow silk, arrived there with great luster. 15.16

Having met Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu stayed there with a composed mind. Devas prostrated before him and told him as follows. 15.17

"Oh Lord Vishnu, desirous of doing well to the world, we are making this request. The King of Ayodhyā, oh lord, is a righteous, generous, equal to sages in lustre. His wives are like Hrī [modesty], Śrī [auspiciousness] and Kīrti [fame] who are the daughters of Dakṣa. You please divide yourself in to four forms and be born as their sons." 15.18-15.19

"Oh Lord Vishnu, being born in the form of a man, you can slay in a war Rāvaṇa, who is greatly arrogant, destroyer of the people and one who cannot be killed by gods." 15.20

"That cruel Rākṣasa Rāvaṇa, by his great strength is troubling Devas, Sidhas, Gandharvas and great sages." 15.21

"That terrible one is reported to have tortured sages, Gandharvas and Apsarās in Nandanavana." 15.22

"We, the siddhas, gandharvas, Yakṣas along with sages have come here requesting for the death of Rāvaṇa and for that reason we have taken refuge in you." 15.23

"Oh Lord Vishnu, who troubles his enemies, you are the supreme refuge to all of us. Please resolve your mind to be born in the world of humans and destroy the enemies of devas." 15.24

Lord Vishnu, the foremost among the Gods whom all the world and the King of devas salute, who was properly addressed in this manner by all the devas led by Lord Brahma in the path of righteousness, told. 15.25-15.26

"Leave out all your fear. My blessings for the welfare of you all. For the good of devas and sages, I will kill the cruel and dreadful Rāvaṇa along with all his sons and grandsons and also along with his ministers, friends and allies in a great war and then live and rule this world for ten thousand years." 15.27-15.28

Lord Vishnu, the highest soul, after talking like this to devas and giving them boons, thought about which part of the world, he should be born as a man." 15.29

After that, the god with eyes like lotus petals divided himself in to four ways and chose to be born to King Daśaratha whom he liked. 15.30

Then devas along with Rudras, sages, Gandharvas, group of Apsarās, praised the holy form of the god who was the killer of Madhu. 15.31

"You, please uproot that dreadful Rāvaṇa who has fearful lustre, who is insolent, who hates the King of devas, a source of trouble to the ascetics and one who causes agony to the three worlds by his insolence." 15.32

"After killing the mighty Rāvaṇa who has great manliness, who is causing distress to this world along with his forces and relation and after removing all problems for the celestial region ruled by Indra and freeing it from all faults and sins, you may please return. 15.33

This is the end of Fifteenth Sarga of Bala Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.