Rāmāyana | Bala Kaṇḍa | Chapter 11

Sargam [Chapter]: 11
Riṣyaśriṇga and Ayodhyā

[Sumantra further tells how Sanatkumāra has foretold that King Daśaratha would be blessed with four sons after he takes Riṣyaśriṇga to his city and get the fire sacrifice performed by him. The King Daśaratha goes to Anga Deśa and with the consent of the King Romapada succeeds in taking Riṣyaśriṇga to Ayodhyā where he is hospitably received.]

Oh Indra among kings, this is what has been told which is beneficial to you. Please hear further what the great among devas Sanatkumāra told. 11.1

"In the clan of Ikshvāku would be born a virtuous King called Daśaratha, who would be true to his promise." 11.2

"He will develop friendship with the King of Anga to whom a great daughter named Santha would be born." 11.3

"The son of Anga Raja would be called Romapāda. To him the famous King Daśaratha would approach and tell." 11.4

"Oh soul of Dharma, I am without children and want to conduct a sacrifice. Be kind enough to send the husband of Shantha to conduct it so that I would get children in my clan." 11.5

"Hearing that, after deep thought, that King will offer to send the husband of Santha, who can bless others to have sons." 11.6

"King Daśaratha relieved of his worries would be greatly delighted, would take the Brahmin and perform the sacrifice." 11.7

"King Daśaratha, interested in performing the fire sacrifice, with folded hands adopt the great Brahmin to conduct the sacrifice, in order to obtain children and then become eligible to reach heaven and would get his desires fulfilled by that great Brahmin. 11.8-11.9

"Four sons of immense valour would be born to him, bringing glory to the dynasty in all the three worlds." 11.10

"This was narrated by God Sanatkumāra who is very capable and belonged to the clan of devas in the early period of Kritā yuga." 11.11

"Oh King, who is the lion among men, so accompanied by retinue of army and vehicles, please go personally, honour sage Riṣyaśriṇga and bring him here." 11.12

Having heard the words of Sumantra, after taking consent of sage Vaṣiṣṭha, accompanied by his queens and ministers he departed to that place of Brahmin. 11.13

Crossing forest and rivers, slowly and slowly he reached the place where the great sage resided. 11.14

Reaching the city, he saw the son of the sage and best among Brahmins, glowing like fire, seated next to King Romapāda. 11.15 That king, greatly delighted in his heart due to his friendship with Daśaratha, extended great hospitality to him according to rules and traditions. 11.16

King Romapāda explained his friendship as well as intimate connection with King Daśaratha to great son of the sage and he in return honoured King Daśaratha. 11.17

That great King greatly pleased by the hospitality, having stayed there for seven or eight days spoke to King Romapāda as follows: 11.18

"Oh king, kindly permit your daughter Santha along with her husband to come to my city as I have planned to do an important religious rite." 11.19

Having heard those words, the King agreed to the proposal and requested the sage to go to that place accompanied by his wife. 11.20

After the sage agreed and said, "So be it" and after being permitted by King Romapāda, he departed to Ayodhyā along with his wife. 11.21

Both the valorous Daśaratha and Romapāda, saluted each other and embraced with their hearts touching each other and became extremely happy. 11.22

After taking leave of his friend, the son of Raghu [here Daśaratha] departed and swiftly travelling messengers were dispatched to inform citizens of Ayodhyā. 11.23

They were instructed to decorate the city in a grand manner, sprinkle, clean with water, make it sweet smelling by scented smoke and later decorate the city with flags. 11.24

Hearing about the arrival of king, the citizens were greatly pleased and took all actions as per the instruction of their king. 11.25

Then the King, keeping foremost of the Brahmins in front of him, entered the well decorated city, amidst the sound of conchs and drums. 11.26

Then all the citizens were delighted to see the Brahmin being honoured by their King, who was like Indra. 11.27

After entering his private apartments, the sage was worshipped as per Śāstras and became greatly happy as he could bring the sage there. 11.28

The ladies of the King were greatly happy to see the broad eyed Santha coming there accompanying her husband. 11.29

Honoured and worshipped by the royal ladies, especially the king, she [Santha] stayed there comfortably along with her husband. 11.30

This is the end of Eleventh Sarga of Bala Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.