Rāmāyana | Bala Kaṇḍa | Chapter 10

Sargam [Chapter]: 10
Riṣyaśriṇga and Anga Deśa

[According to the advice of the ministers, efficient courtesans were sent to the forest to bring Riṣyasriṇga. When they brought him to Anga Deśa, it was blessed with rain and King Romapāda gave his daughter Santha in marriage to him.]

Thus further egged by, the King Sumantra said these words in return, "please hear the method by which Riṣyaśriṇga was brought to the court by the ministers." 10.1

"Those priests along with the ministers told the King as follows, "we have thought over a plan which will never fail." 10.2

"Riṣyaśriṇga is one who has moved in the forest and takes great delight in studying Vedas. He is not acquainted with ladies and the pleasures that can be got from them." 10.3

"By overpowering his mind by the sensual pleasures, we will persuade him to come to this town. Please decide it quickly." 10.4

"Let pretty courtesans well dressed and ornamented be sent there. They will tempt him by various means and bring him here." 10.5

'Hearing all that they said, the King replied to the priests, "Let it be done that way" and the priests and ministers acted accordingly." 10.6

"Hearing this, the chief courtesans entered the great forest and staying not very far from the hermitage, they made efforts to see Riṣyaśriṇga who always resided in the forest along with control over his senses. 10.7

"Being always satisfied with himself, Riṣyaśriṇga never stirred out of his father's hermitage. Always doing penance from his birth, he had neither seen a woman nor man or the creatures which were born in towns and cities." 10.8-10.9

"One day, by chance, that son of Vibhānḍaka came to that place and there he saw those beautiful women." 10.10

"Beautifully attired, those women approached the son of the sage singing in a sweet voice and saluted him." 10.11

"Oh Brahmin, who are you? How are you subsisting here? We are eager to know as to why you are wandering in this dreadful forest. If you do not have objection, please tell." 10.12

"Having never seen persons like them, those women appeared very desirable looking at him. Due to affection, he felt like telling about his father to them." 10.13

"My father is Vibhānḍaka and I am his own son. I am famously known in this world as Riṣyaśriṇga." 10.14

"Oh holy looking ones, my hermitage is nearby. I would take you and worship you according to the scriptures. 10.15

"Hearing the words of Riṣyaśriṇga, they all desired to see the hermitage and all of them accompanied him." 10.16

"That son of a sage worshipped them, offered them water to wash and drink, roots and fruits to eat." 10.17

"They accepted the offerings with great enthusiasm and quickly returned from there due to their fear of the sage." 10.18

"Oh Brahmin, you have to accept return hospitality from us of very sweet fruits. May prosperity be on you. Please accept them speedily from us." 10.19

"Thereafter all of them embraced him with great joy and gave him various items of food as well as many sweet dishes." 10.20

"He who had great lustre as a Brahmin, thought about them similar to fruits as he has never tasted the food of the permanent dwellers of the forest." 10.21

"They made known to him their interest in austerities and offerings to God and took leave of him, fearing that his father would curse them." 10.22

"After the courtesans departed, that Brahmin who was the grandson of Kaśyapa, became very restless and with sorrow started moving around" 10.23

"Next day, the sage who had great powers of penance, came to the spot where he had seen the well adorned courtesan, to please his mind." 10.24

"Those courtesans seeing Brahmin approaching them, became happy and said to him." 10.25

"Oh peaceful one, please come to our hermitage, a special and very hospitable treatment would be extended to you there. They said." 10.26

"Hearing their words, which was pleasing to the mind, he made a decision to go with them and then those women took him away." 10.27

"When the illustrious was being brought to Anga Deśa, Parjanya, the god of rains, was pleased and poured a heavy rain in that country." 10.28

"When the Brahmin who brought rains came, King Romapada himself came to welcome him, bowed down his head and then prostrated before him, " 10.29

"The King concentrated his mind and gave offerings which rightly belonged to him and sought a favour that the sage's father should not get upset with him." 10.30

"The King entered his private apartments with the sage in accordance with the rules, gave his daughter to him in marriage, so that satisfaction prevailed." 10.31

"That Riṣyaśriṇga, who was respected in that place, lived there with his desires fulfilled." 10.32

This is the end of Tenth Sarga of Bala Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.