Rāmāyana | Ayodhyā Kaṇḍa | Chapter 98

98. Bhārata Identifies Rāma's Hut

[Methodically Bhārata searches for the residence of Rāma and after great search spots a hut from which smoke is coming out. He concludes that it is Rāma's residence and goes towards it with Guha.]

That Bhārata, the best among those who walk with two feet, after encamping his army, as per what he has been told by his father approached Rāma on foot. 98.1

After encamping the army and assuring that the army would not transgress its limits, Bhārata told Śatrughna. 98.2

"Oh soft one, it is only proper for us to examine this forest carefully and quickly in company of the hunters and other people." 98.3

"Let Guha along with thousand people of our clan all armed with bow and arrow explore the forest for the presence of Rāma." 98.4

"I myself surrounded with ministers, citizens, teachers and Brahmins shall move about in the forest on foot." 98.5

"I shall not get peace till I am able to find the very powerful Rāma, the strong Lakṣmaṇa as well as Sītā." 98.6

"Till such time as I see Rāma with a moon like face, lotus like eyes and an auspicious looks, I will not be able to find peace." 98.7

"Till I catch hold of the feet of Rāma bearing the signs of royalty on his head and saluting him with my head, I will not be able to attain peace." 98.8

"Till he gets the kingdom, which was inherited from my father and grandfather and for which he deserves and he I is anointed with water as its king, I will not get peace." 98.9

"The son of Sumitrā is indeed blessed, because he is seeing highly shining Rāma who has a face as pure as the moon, who has eyes resembling red lotus flowers." 98.10

"Vaidehī the daughter of Janaka who has greatly luck and who has accomplished her task for she has been following her husband who is the lord of earth bounded by ocean." 98.11

"Rāma is living on Chitrakūṭa mountain which is like the Himalaya Mountains, like Kubera in Nandana garden and how fortunate is that mountain." 98.12

"The lustrous Rāma, who is foremost among the people who wield weapons is living in this forest frequented by wild animals and so this forest sacred." 98.13

Saying this, the greatly lustrous, best among men and very strong Bhārata entered the great forest on foot alone. 98.14

That great expert in speech Bhārata went through the mountain slopes with large number of trees with their crowns in full bloom. 98.15

Going near the Sāla tree at the top of Chitrakūṭa Mountains, he saw the banner of smoke arising from the fire place of Rāma's hermitage. 98.16

That great Bhārata along with his relatives after seeing that smoke concluded that Rāma was living there and became as happy as a man who reached the other shore of the river. 98.17

That great Bhārata having heard that Chitrakūṭa Mountain houses many sages, ordered his army to stay at a distance and went towards Rāma's hermitage along with Guha. 98.18

This is the end of Ninety Eighth Sarga of Ayodhyā Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.