Rāmāyana | Ayodhyā Kaṇḍa | Chapter 93

93. Bhārata at Chitrakūṭa

[Bhārata travelling with his army reaches the Chitrakūṭa Mountain. His army men after search locate a hut from which smoke was rising. Bhārata stopping his army there proceeds towards the hut along with elders.]

Seeing that great army marching in the furious elephants who were leaders of herds who were living in the forest ran off along with herds. 93.1

Bears and herds of dotted deer as well as antelopes could be seen in the stretches of forests, mountains and rivers. 93.2

The Dharmic Bhārata the dear son of Daśaratha proceeded surrounded by four divisions of the army creating lots of sound. 93.3

The army of that great soul Bhārata which resembled waves of ocean covered the earth like clouds in rainy season. 93.4

At that moment with large number of horses moving at a great speed along with elephants covered the earth and earth was not visible for some time. 93.5

The great Bhārata after travelling a long distance, finding the people carrying his palanquin were very tired, addressing the best of advisors told. 93.6

"After observing the topography of the place and matching it with what I heard from Bharadvāja, it is clear that we have reached our destination." 93.7

"That is the Chitrakūṭa mountain and this is the Mandākinī river and at a distance we can see a forest shining like blue cloud." 93.8

"Now the pretty ridges of the Chitrakūṭa mountains are being trampled by elephants which look like mountains to me." 93.9

"The trees are shedding flowers on the mountain ridges, like the dense blue black clouds showering water at the end of summer." 93.10

"Oh Śatrughna, see this mountain occupied by Kinnaras and frequented by giant crocodiles as they exist in the ocean." 93.11

"The sight herds of deer swiftly running which were incited by the clamour resembled clouds of autumnal clouds being scattered by the wind." 93.12

"Like the people of south, the trees were adorned on their heads crown like adornments made of scented flowers, which looked like brilliant clouds." 93.13

"It appears to me that this silent forest is horrible looking like the town of Ayodhyā thronged with crowds of people." 93.14

"While the dust raised by the hooves of horses in covering the forest, the wind is carrying it away and gives me pleasure." 93.15

"Oh Śatrughna, please notice that commanded by expert charioteers and drawn by the horses, these chariots are flying through the forest." 93.16

"See the peacocks which are delightful to look at are frightened and speedily entering their see their residences." 93.17

"This region is greatly charming and appears like a road to heaven and surely it is the abode of sages." 93.18

The he and she deer with several spots are moving about in the forest and they appear as if their hides are painted with flowers." 93.19

"Let the soldiers go in to the forest and search for those two tigers among men, Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa in a proper way." 93.20

Hearing the words men well-armed entered that forest and those people noticed a smoke there. 93.21

Seeing that column of smoke, they returned to Bhārata "In a place without men, fire cannot exist and it is clear that Rāma is there." 93.22

"If it is not the son of the king, who is the destroyer of enemies, then it must be other saints, who are like Rāma residing in the forest." 93.23

Bhārata, who kills the army of his enemies, hearing these words agreeable to the good people, addressing the entire army told. 93.24

"All of you stay here with alertness. Please do not go forward from here. I myself along with Sumantra and our Guru Vasiṣṭha would go there." 93.25

"Hearing this all those assistants halted there and Bhārata intently saw the place where from the smoke was coming." 93.26

Being halted by Bhārata, the army started gazing in the space in their front and became happy because not long before they will rejoin with their beloved Rāma. 93.27

This is the end of Ninety Third Sarga of Ayodhyā Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.