Rāmāyana | Ayodhyā Kaṇḍa | Chapter 90

90. Bharadvāja Talks with Bhārata

[Bharadvāja also misunderstands the intention of Bhārata. Later hearing his real intention, he is greatly pleased. He informs Bhārata about the present location of Rāma. Bhārata decides to spend that night in the great heritage.]

Seeing the hermitage of Bharadvāja, from a distance of about two miles, that best among men who was a knower of dharma, brought the entire army to a halt, went along with his ministers to the hermitage, keeping the priests in front, and after leaving out all ornaments and weapons and wearing silk garments. 90.1-90.2

Then Bhārata made the ministers to halt at a glancing distance from hermitage of Bharadvāja, went forward along with his chief priest towards the hermitage. 90.3

That great ascetic, on seeing sage Vasiṣṭha, sprang up from his seat and told his disciples, "Please bring offerings of water." 90.4

After that lustrous saint met sage Vasiṣṭha and after receiving the salutations of Bhārata, he was informed that he is the son of Daśaratha, 90.5

Bharadvāja who was conversant with Dharma, in accordance of their importance made welcome offering to them and offered water for washing their feet and after giving them fruits enquired from Bhārata about news and welfare of his family. 90.6

He enquired about the welfare of Ayodhyā, army, treasury and well-being of friends as well as ministers and knowingly did not mention about Daśaratha. 90.7

There after Vasiṣṭha and Bhārata enquired about his health of the body, sacred fires, trees as well as disciples and also about the animals and birds. 90.8

The great ascetic Bharadvāja after affirming about the general welfare and out of his bonds of affection to Rāma told Bhārata. 90.9

"You being the ruler of a kingdom, what is the reason for your coming here? Tell me everything in detail as my mind is not clear about it." 90.10

"Rāma, the destroyer of enemies, who increases happiness of people and who was given birth by Kauśalya, along with his brother has been banished to the forest for quite a long time. That one who is great has been ordered to live in the forest for fourteen years by his father due to the persuasion of a women. With a aim of enjoying the kingdom without any problems do you intend to cause harm to him and his sinless brother?" 90.11-90.13

When Bharadvāja told like this, Bhārata with great sorrow, eyes full of tears and with tottering voice replied. 90.14

"I am completely lost if even venerable persons like you think about me like this. Please do not rebuke me like this suspecting a fault on my part." 90.15

"What my mother told in my absence is not to my liking. I am not pleased with her words and I do not accept them." 90.16

"I have come here to please that tiger among men by some strategy and take him back to Ayodhyā after prostrating him." 90.17

"In these circumstances, Oh sage, be pleased to show your kindness to me and be pleased to tell me the whereabouts of Rāma, as of now." 90.18

That god like saint further entreated by Vasiṣṭha and other sages, after getting pleased with Bhārata addressed him like this. 90.19

"Oh tiger among men, your behaviour with your teachers, your control over your senses and your wish to follow people with virtue are appropriate to you as you are born in the clan of Raghu." 90.20

"I was aware of your mind and in spite of that questioned you, so that your reply would increase your fame." 90.21

"I know where Rāma along with Sītā and Lakṣmaṇa lives. Your brother is living in the great mountain of Chitrakūṭa." 90.22

"You can go to that place tomorrow. And you may stay here along with your ministers. Oh very intelligent prince who is aware of Kama and Artha, please fulfil my desire." 90.23

Bhārata who is a man of noble vision assented and said "so be it", and then Bhārata decided to spend the night in that hermitage. 90.24

This is the end of Ninetieth Sarga of Ayodhyā Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.