Rāmāyana | Ayodhyā Kaṇḍa | Chapter 82

82. Bhārata Refuses Kingdom Offer

[Vasiṣṭha requests Bhārata to get himself crowned, but he refuses to accept. It is decided that all people will go with Bhārata to forest and bring back Rāma.]

The very intelligent Bhārata saw well controlled gentleman in the assembly hall which looked like a dark night with full moon and bright stars. 82.1

After the entry, the seats were occupied according to their rank and the assembly looked splendid with people who have dressed in costly garments and applied unguents with good scent. 82.2

The intensely splendid assembly with multitude of learned people looked like the autumnal night with full moon. 82.3

The chief priest, who was an expert in Dharma having seen the king's subjects, spoke in a very gentle way to Bhārata. 82.4

"Dear child, the king Daśaratha following all the tenets of Dharma has conferred this vast kingdom abounding in wealth and grains on you, before going to heaven." 82.5

"Rāma abiding by the truth and constantly remembering the path of Dharmic people, did not move away from the wishes of his father, like the rising moon which does not move away from moon light." 82.6

"This kingdom has been awarded to you by your father as well as your brother completely removed of its thorns Please crown yourself quickly as its king and enjoy it along with the chosen ministers of your choice." 82.7

"Let the kings from north, west as well as south and kings of bordering kingdoms and from the islands of the sea bring crores of very costly jewels." 82.8

Hearing those words, Bhārata was immersed in the sea of sorrow and wishing for Dharma reached by his mind Rāma. 82.9

That young man who has a sweet voice like a swan, with sweet voice choked by sobs, lamented in the middle of that assembly and found fault with that chief family priest Vasiṣṭha. 82.10

"How can a man like me seize the kingdom from the very knowledgeable Rāma, who observes the penance of Brahmacharya, who knows all branches of learning and who is trying to protect Dharma." 82.11

"How can any one born to Daśaratha become an usurper of a kingdom? Me and this kingdom belong to Rāma. It is only proper for you to tell about this." 82.12

"The son of Kākutstha clan, the soul of Dharma, the eminent and eldest son Rāma who is comparable to Nahuṣa and Dilipa only merits to get this kingdom as was received by Daśaratha. 82.13

"If I do this sin which ungentle wicked act not leading to heaven, in this world, I would become the disgrace to the Ikshvāku clan." 82.14

"This sinful act done by mother is always distasteful to me and from here I am saluting my brother who is in the inaccessible forest." 82.15

"As Rāma is the best among those who walk with two legs, I would follow him. In all the three worlds, Only Rāma deserves to get this kingdom." 82.16

All the members of the assembly hearing these words of Dharma, fixing their thought on Rāma shed tears of joy. 82.17

"If I am not able to bring back my esteemed brother, I shall also dwell in the forest like Lakṣmaṇa." 82.18

"I would use all possible methods to bring him back with force and come in the presence of all of you who are pious men." 82.19

"I have already dispatched explorers and protectors of the path as well as those who would assist them for wages or without wages and it also pleases me to take this journey." 82.20

The lover of his brother and the soul of Dharma that Bhārata after telling this told Sumantra who was an expert in counselling who was standing nearby. 82.21

"Oh Sumantra, get up and go and speedily arrange for the army to be assembled to go on this expedition, as per my order." 82.22

When the great Bhārata told like this to Sumantra, with great joy, he fulfilled those commands and it looked like that he liked it. 82.23

The citizens were greatly pleased to know that the army and its chiefs have been ordered on a journey to bring back Rāma. 82.24

In each and every house when the wives of soldiers came to know about the orders for the journey, with great joy they hastened up their husbands. 82.25

Those chiefs of army collected horses, fast moving bullock carts, fast moving chariots and soldiers of the army as ordered. 82.26

Bhārata who was in the presence of his Guru, having seen that the army was assembled, requested Sumantra to get ready his chariot. 82.27

He heard the order of Bhārata with great joy and harnessed the chariot with excellent horses. 82.28

Then Bhārata, who was steadfast in his words, who was greatly valorous, and one who spoke with proper words and one who wanted to please his brother who had gone to the forest said. 82.29

"Oh Sumantra, go to the chiefs of the army and order them to assemble the army so that I can start to go for wishing to ask for forgiveness and then to bring back my brother, who is in the forest, for the sake of welfare of the world." 82.30

The son of the charioteer, who was properly ordered by Bhārata with his greatest desire fulfilled, ordered all important people as well as the chiefs of army and friends. 82.31

Thereafter from clan after clan belonging to Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaisya and Śūdra castes, rose up and brought out camels and donkeys as well as Chariots, elephants of good pedigree and horses and started for the travel. 82.32

This is the end of Eighty Second Sarga of Ayodhyā Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.