Rāmāyana | Ayodhyā Kaṇḍa | Chapter 80

80. Bhārata's Men Construct Road

[Great many people are engaged in construction of the road to go and meet Rāma and they work ceaselessly and efficiently.]

Then the people who knew topography of land, People who are expert in measurement, devoted workers, energetic excavators, those who know how to operate machines, skilled labourers, architects, craftsmen, carpenters, road levellers, people for cutting trees, people for digging wells, those who knew how to paint, basket makers and competent supervisors started in advance. 80-1- 80.3

The very large number of people proceeding from each region resembled swollen sea on the full moon days. 80.4

Those experts in formation of roads along with necessary tools preceded all others. 80.5

They cleared the creepers and shrubs, cut off unnecessary trees, removed various types of boulders and paved the road for travel. 80.6

They transplanted trees in place where they were not there and cut off trees wherever it was needed using hatchets axes, hooked tools and the saw. 80.7

Some other strong men uprooted deep rooted grass from here and there and cleared uneven places and made the path fit for travel. 80.8

Others filled up wells and hollow dried up areas with loose soil and some others lifted up low lying lands and made them even. 80.9

Some people constructed bridges in places which required to be bridged, and powdered obstruction where they are required and broke places which needs to be split open. 80.10

Within a very short time, they constructed big ponds and lakes, looking like the sea of different shapes. 80.11

In places without water, great wells with pure water were dug, which were surrounded by circular dykes. 80.12

The highway for the army was made smooth, plastered with mortar and line of blossoming trees were planted. Intoxicated joyful birds marched through them singing with joy. They were further decorated with flags and sandal water was sprinkled over them and strewn with flowers of all types. With all this the highway brilliantly shined like the path of Gods. 80.13-80.14

Those workers who were responsible for various tasks, obeyed the orders of Bhārata sincerely and ordered other artisans to work. They filled up resting places meant for Bhārata with various types of fruits and also made them lovely. They also decorated such places so that it resembled ornaments. 80.15-80.16

Those astrologers who were experts in auspicious stars, fixed the time of stay of Bhārata in these resting places on the way. 80.17

Expert workers spread heads of sand around these resting places and built moats around it. It was Adorned with broad highways and lined with houses as high as Indrakīla mountain. Those excellent tall buildings appeared as if they were prepared to fly in the sky. The flags decorating these ways could be seen everywhere and it resembled the place of Indra in splendour. 80.18-80.20

That road with forests of various trees and had sources of cool and clear water reached the banks of river Ganga with abundance of fishes. 80.21

Constructed by expert craftsmen that lovely royal road shined like the night sky illuminated by cluster stars and moon. 80.22

This is the end of Eightieth Sarga of Ayodhyā Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.