Rāmāyana | Ayodhyā Kaṇḍa | Chapter 8

8. Mandāra's Further Advice to Kaikeyi

[Mandāra tries to tell in skilful words, the problems that may arise when Rāma becomes the king. She says that Kaikeyi would be made a slave by her co-wife.]

Mandāra thoroughly disgusted and filled with rage and sorrow, rejected that ornament and said. 8.1

"Oh childish lady, why are you happy at the inappropriate time and do not realize that you are in the middle of a ocean of sorrow." 8.2

"Oh great lady, a great misfortune has fallen on you and at this time you should become sad instead of being happy and because of that though I am sad at your present state I am laughing." 8.3

"I am feeling sorry about your misinterpretation. Will an intelligent woman become happy at the prosperity of her enemy like co-wife's son?" 8.4

"Bhārata has equal claim to the kingdom like Rāma and is the source of fear to Rāma. Thinking it over I feel sad for danger comes from one who fears." 8.5

"The valorous Lakṣmaṇa with a great bow has taken to Rāma's soul and Śatrughna has similar feelings like Lakṣmaṇa towards Bhārata." 8.6

"Oh pretty lady, in the order of succession according to birth also Bhārata is just next to Rāma, and the younger ones do not have even a remote chance." 8.7

"Rāma is competent and learned in the royal Dharma and one who does things at appropriate time. Out of fear, when I think of your son, I am trembling." 8.8

"Kausalya whose son is going to be crowned tomorrow as Yuvarāja in the Puṣyā star is indeed lucky. 8.9

"To Kausalya having obtained this great fame by getting her enemies destroyed, you have to serve with folded hands like maid." 8.10

"If you, along with us, become her maid, then your son also has to become the slave of Rāma." 8.11

"The great women of Rāma would indeed be very happy and with the downfall of Bhārata, your daughter in law would be deprived of joy." 8.12

Seeing here very favourite Mandāra talking this way, the great lady Kaikeyi started praising the qualities of Rāma. 8.13

"Rāma is a follower of Dharma and he has been taught self-restraint by his Gurus and he is an votary of truth and one who is honest and grateful. And being the eldest son of the king, the kingdom should go to him." 8.14

"He who has a long life would protect his brothers as well as servants like a father and oh hunchback, why you are you sorrowing to hear about the coronation of Rāma." 8.15

"After one hundred years the best among men, Bhārata also would definitely get the kingdom of his father and grandfather." 8.16

"Oh Mandāra you are getting prosperity as of now and in future also you would be getting the same. Why are you grieving?" 8.17

"If I have appreciation to Bhārata, I have more appreciation to Rāma as he serves me better than his mother Kausalya." 8.18

"If this kingdom belongs to Rāma, then it belongs to Bhārata also as Rāma treats all his brothers as his equal." 8.19

Hearing the words of Kaikeyi Mandāra became greatly sad, and breathing hot and deep she told like this to Kaikeyi. 8.20

"Being stupid, though you are sinking in the wide ocean of grief, you are not realizing the benefits for yourselves." 8.21

"Rāma will become the king and afterwards his son will become the king and on the other hand Bhārata would be teased of not being a king." 8.22

"Oh pretty lady, all the sons of a king do not become kings for if all of them are made kings, there would be great problems in ruling of the kingdom." 8.23

"Oh faultless lady Kaikeyi, because of this the kings will entrust the rule of kingdom to the eldest or the son who has great virtues." 8.24

"Oh dear Kaikeyi, when your son is cut off from the royal succession and its comforts, he would become greatly distressed." 8.25

"I have come here wishing for your benefit and you are giving me a gift not understanding that your co-wife is getting prosperity. 8.26

"As soon as Rāma gets the kingdom without any problems, it is certain that he would send Bhārata out of this country or even out of the world." 8.27

"Your son from childhood has been sent to his uncle's house and it is the proximity of some one that strengthens the affection." 8.28

"Obediently following Bhārata, Śatrughna also has gone along with him and similarly Lakṣmaṇa is attached to Rāma." 8.29

"It is heard that the tree which live in the forest, intended for felling is freed even from thorny bushes attached to it." 8.30

"Like Lakṣmaṇa protecting Rāma, Rāma also protects Lakṣmaṇa and they are famous as inseparable like Aśvinī Kumāra." 8.31

"Because of That Rāma will not do even a small sinful act towards Lakṣmaṇa but he will definitely harm Bhārata without any doubt." 8.32

"And so send your son directly to the forest from his uncle's house. This would be pleasing to me and beneficial to you." 8.33

"If Bhārata gets the kingdom of his father as her Dharma, then it would be beneficial to you and your clan." 8.34

"Your son is used to great comforts and he is the natural enemy of Rāma and how would he live happily if wealth is separated from him." 8.35

"Similar to the leader of the herd of elephants is attacked by a lion in the forest, Bhārata is being overpowered by Rāma and it is your duty to save him." 8.36

"You being endowed with prosperity, you have ill-treated your co-wife who is mother of Rāma due to pride. Will she not retaliate due to grudge." 8.37

"Oh pretty lady, when this earth with its oceans, towns and cities comes under the control of Rāma, you along with Bhārata would become inauspicious and miserable." 8.38

"If Rāma takes over this earth, then Bhārata would definitely be destroyed and so now do something to get the kingdom to Bhārata and banish his enemy Rāma." 8.39

This is the end of Eighth Sarga of Ayodhyā Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.