Rāmāyana | Ayodhyā Kaṇḍa | Chapter 79

79. Bhārata Refuses to be Crowned

[On the fourteenth day, the people of Ayodhyā offer the kingdom to Bhārata and request him to get crowned. He refuses the offer and tells them that he would bring back Rāma and crown him. He starts making arrangements for march of the army.]

On the fourteenth day morning, those who are empowered to nominate the king assembled and told Bhārata. 79.1

"Our revered master king Daśaratha has gone to heaven and the very strong Lakṣmaṇa and Rāma have gone to the forest." 79.2

"Oh famous prince, now you please become our king, though no one has done any harm to this country without a leader." 79.3

"Oh son of the king, Oh Bhārata, your people as well as those belonging to all trades have brought necessary materials for your crowing and are waiting." 79.4

"Oh Bhārata, Oh best among men, please receive this stable kingdom which belonged to your father and grandfather, get yourself crowned and rule over us." 79.5

Bhārata, who was stable in his penance, went round the materials procured for his coronation, replied to those people. 79.6

"Is not the crowning of the eldest son as a king, the tradition of my clan? So it is not proper for knowledgeable people like you to advise me like this." 79.7

"Our eldest brother Rāma would become the king and I would live in the forest for another fourteen years." 79.8

"Let the great army consisting for different parts be got ready. I will go and get my elder brother from the forest myself." 79.9

"I shall keep all these sanctified things procured for my coronation on my front and get back Rāma from the forest." 79.10

"I would crown that tiger among men in the forest itself and will bring him back like the sanctified fire from place of Yagna." 79.11

"I would not fulfil the desires of the woman who calls herself as my mother and I would live in the inaccessible forest and Rāma would become king here." 79.12

"Let the road be laid, after levelling uneven ground by expert artisans and those experts in protection in inaccessible places follow us." 79.13

When the prince was talking favouring Rāma, all the people replied him in excellent auspicious words. 79.14

"When you desire to give this earth to your elder brother, in those words Goddess Lakshmi herself is present." 79.15

Hearing those matchless words from the son of the king, all of them who were in the range of hearing became extremely happy and the eyes of noble men started shedding tears." 79.16

Hearing the words that were uttered become greatly joyous, the ministers and members of the council were relieved of their distress and said, "Oh best among men, devoted people and expert artisans have already been instructed tyo lay the road." 79.17

This is the end of Seventy Ninth Sarga of Ayodhyā Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.