Rāmāyana | Ayodhyā Kaṇḍa | Chapter 7

7. Mandāra's Advice to Kaikeyi

[The hunchback Mandāra, who is the personal servant of Kaikeyī, tells her that the crowning of Rāma is a bad news to Kaikeyi. She is rebuffed as Kaikeyi becomes happy with the news.]

The family maid servant who was living with her from the time of her birth, without any specific reason came out of the white palace which shined like moon. 7.1

She saw the royal high way of Ayodhyā sprinkled with water and spread with flowers from that palace. 7.2

Mandāra was perplexed at seeing from the palace, the city decorated with very costly banners and flags as also the auspiciously decorated thoroughfares which usually were free, crowded with people who had washed their heads and occupied by people holding garlands and sweets in their hands. The temples with white doors were reverberating with the Vedic chant of great Brahmins and was crowded with people. Several types of musical instruments were blowing out musical sound. The city was filled up with joyful horses and elephants as well as mowing bulls and cows. The exceeding pleased citizens were tying flags everywhere. 7.3-7.6

That Mandāra seeing, the royal nurse maid with a joyful fully awake eyes and clad in white silk standing nearby asked her. 7.7

"Why is mother of Rāma who is miserly, gifting away wealth with great joy to men?" 7.8

"Why are people greatly joyous? Please tell me what the delighted king is proposing to do?" 7.9

That nurse maid bursting with great joy told the hunchback about the luck of Rāma with greater joy. 7.10

"Tomorrow the king Daśaratha is going to celebrate the coronation as Yuvarāja of the blemish less Rāma who has conquered his anger" 7.11

Hearing the words of the nursemaid, that hunchback became infuriated, descended from the palace which looked like Kailāśa peak. 7.12

That sinful looking Mandāra burning with anger reached Kaikeyi who was reclining upon her couch and told her. 7.13

"Oh fool, get up. Why are you sleeping without fear, in spite of the fact that you are being submerged in the flood of sorrow, which you are not realizing?" 7.14

"Oh Lady who appears to be loved by her husband, Oh undesired one, you are playing with your good fortune which is like the unstable river in summer season." 7.15

Hearing the harsh words spoken by the sinful furious hunchback, Kaikeyi became worried. 7.16

Kaikeyi told that hunchback, "Oh Mandāra is everything all right? I am seeing you with a downcast face and greatly distressed." 7.17

That Mandāra who was an expert in speech, having heard the words of Kaikeyi spoken with sweetness told. 7.18

That hunchback becoming more worried, being a do-gooder of Kaikeyi, greatly agitated about separating Rāma told. 7.19

"Oh queen, great and never ending destruction is awaiting as Raja is crowning Rāma as Yuvarāja" 7.20

"As I am plunged in endless fear and affected by great sorrow, I am feeling as if I am burnt and I have come here seeking your welfare." 7.21

"Oh Kaikeyi, your sorrow is greatly sorrowful to me and without any doubt your prosperity will be mine also." 7.22

"Though Born in a royal family and being the chief wife of a king and you do not understand the cruelty of the state craft." 7.23

"Though he is the follower of Dharma in public, he is really deceitful. He speaks sweetly and affectionately but is cruel and you who is innocent are not able follow his guile." 7.24

"When your husband confers with you he uses meaningless appeasing words but he has conferred good things to Kausalya only." 7.25

"That soul of wickedness, having side tracked Bhārata by sending him to the house of your relations, he will give away the kingdom to Rāma devoid of thorns." 7.26

"Oh child, like a mother I am telling you the truth that you are holding a venomous serpent on your lap, who is nobody else but your husband." 7.27

"The king Daśaratha has done you and Bhārata the same thing that a serpent or an enemy would have done." 7.28

"Oh child, who is accustomed only to comfort, with good words devoid of any truth, that sinner has established Rāma in this kingdom and you and your son have been ruined." 7.29

"Oh Kaikeyi, the correct time to act to protect your happiness has come, Oh lady who is looking with awe, please save yourselves, Bhārata and me." 7.30

After hearing her words that Kaikeyi, with a pretty form who was lying on her couch till then, rose completely with joy, like a crescent of the autumn moon. 7.31

That Kaikeyi, who became extremely pleased, gave a marvellous ornament to the hunch back causing great surprise in her. 7.32

Kaikeyi, that greatly delighted lady after giving the ornament to the hunchback, again spoke these words to her. 7.33

"Oh Mandāra, the news that you gave me is very pleasant to me and the gift that I gave you is for informing this pleasant news. Shall I give you more gifts?" 7.34

"I do not make any distinction between Rāma and Bhārata and I am happy that Rāma is being consecrated as the king." 7.35

"Oh Mandāra meriting my love, there is nothing more pleasing to me than the news that you gave and my joy cannot be easily expressed by words. Oh best among those dear to me, you have now told me the best news and ask for another reward." 7.36

This is the end of Seventh Sarga of Ayodhyā Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.