Rāmāyana | Ayodhyā Kaṇḍa | Chapter 65

65. King Daśaratha's End

[When the attendants came in the morning to wake up the king, they were not able to wake him. They realized that he was dead and started crying. Sumitrā and Kauśalya who were sleeping due to being tired woke up and started crying.]

After the night was over, on the next day morning, highly accomplished, very learned auspicious singers of praise who were experts in praising, singers, flatterers separately one after another recited the glory of the king after reaching the palace of the king. 65.1-65.2

The high pitched benedictions of the king by those experts in praise and sound of their praise spread all over the palace. 65.3

When those bards were singing praises of the king, those who clap and sing, clapped and sang about the wonderful exploits of the king. 65.4

Due to the sound produced by them the birds sitting perched on branches of trees and some in cages found all over the palace awoke and began to twitter. 65.5

The sacred sounds uttered, the music of the Vinā, songs about the exploits of the king, and blessings in the form of verses completely filled the palace. 65.6

Then the experts in purification rites who are skilled in performing royal service, large number of men women and eunuchs assembled as on former occasions. 65.7

At the proper time bath attendants bought water in golden vessel mixed with yellow sandal paste according to the custom." 65.8

Then several other young maids brought auspicious pastes and articles pleasing the senses for completion of the bathing ceremony. 65.9

All the presentations to the king as per daily practice which were of the best quality and which were endowed with wealth and auspiciousness were worshipped. 65.10

All of them waited till the sun rise with great enthusiasm, without reaching the king, with a mind in doubt as to what has happened. 65.11

Then those sleep women attendants of the king who had unrestricted access, came near the king and tried to wake him up. 65.12

Those people of proper conduct with humility and tact, after touching the bed could not find even a minute sign of life. 65.13

These women who were expert in matters relating to sleep could find from actions and movements the nature and intensity of sleep started shivering since they had doubt whether the king was alive and appeared like the shaking reeds standing in running water. 65.14

Those women who got doubt on seeing the king, when they saw him closely they found that their evil doubt was really true. 65.15

Defeated by the sorrow due to their son's absence both Kauśalya and Sumitrā were sleeping as if possessed by death and did not wake up. 65.16

Kauśalya who had no lustre, who was ashen, who had sunk down due to sorrow was lying down with limbs contracted and did not shine like the stars covered by darkness. 65.17

Kauśalya, the king and Sumitrā were sleeping one after another and both queens were drooping due to lot of crying and did not have lustre. 65.18

Seeing those two auspicious queens and the king sleeping silently, the women of the private apartments considered that the king has lost his life breath. 65.19

Then those women, who were like the herd of she elephants who have lost their leader of the herd male elephant in the forest wailed bitterly and loudly. 65.20

Kauśalya and Sumitrā hearing the sound of their cries, suddenly recovered their senses and woke up. 65.21

Kauśalya and Sumitrā after they saw him touched him crying loudly "Oh lord" and then fell down on earth. 65.22

Kauśalya the daughter of king of Kośala was lying down on earth coated with dust and like a star which fell down on earth did not shine. 65.23

When the king became ceased of activity and when those ladies saw Kauśalya has fallen on the ground, they felt they saw a slain female elephant. 65.24

Then all the ladies of the king lead by Kaikeyi, drowned in grief crying fell on the ground with great crying. 65.25

Those women who were crying loudly, made increasingly louder sounds and that loud sound echoed and was heard all over the house. 65.26

When the news of demise reached outside, immediately all happiness vanished from there and the entire place was filled with only sorrow and unrest. The king's palace was thronged with anxious, sad and frightened people and the tumult and cries of agony filled that place. The members of the palace and relatives were greatly distressed with anguish. 65.27-65.28

The wives of the famous and great king realizing that the king has passed away, surrounded him with great sorrow and wept piteously and bitterly holding each other's arms and wailed like orphans. 65.29

This is the end of Sixty Fifth Sarga of Ayodhyā Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.