Rāmāyana | Ayodhyā Kaṇḍa | Chapter 62

62. Kauśalya Seeks Daśaratha's Pardon

[When Daśaratha begs forgiveness, great Kauśalya realizes the great breach of Dharma made by her. She then admits her mistake and seeks the pardon of Daśaratha. At that time, the sorrow of Daśaratha increased due to an incident connected to his using the sound arrow.]

That king after hearing these angry and demeaning words from the very sad mother of Rāma, became very thoughtful as well as sad. 62.1

The king after thinking that over became sad with worries and again lost his consciousness and that tormenter of enemies kept on thinking it for a long time and regained his senses. 62.2

After getting his senses back, he took long, hot and painful breaths, and noticing Kauśalya near him again started thinking. 62.3

When he was thinking like this suddenly he remembered about the sinful act committed by him using the sound arrow [Arrow which is aimed at sound.] 62.4

That lord heartbroken due to the sorrow of parting with Rāma, suddenly doubled his sorrow thinking of his earlier act. 62.5

That king Daśaratha who was being burnt by both these sorrows started trembling and with a bent head and with folded hands try to appease queen Kauśalya. 62.6

"Hey Kauśalya, be pleased with me for I am saluting you, for you are always good to everybody and cruel to none." 62.7

"Oh lady, if we do research on Dharma, it appears that for a woman a husband who has good or bad qualities is always godlike and to her he is a visible God." 62.8

"You are always the follower of dharma, who knows all that is good and bad in this world. Even though you are hurt deeply, it is not proper for you to talk like this to me, who is greatly grieving." 62.9

Hearing those very pitiable words from the king who was in wretched state, she shed tears like a canal that has been opened. 62.10

Kauśalya who was crying, kept the lotus like folded palms of the king on her head, out of great emotion of fear talked pronouncing each letter at a time. 62.11

"Oh King, I have fallen down earth bowing down my head. I have been greatly hurt by your act of your begging from me and I am not at all fit to be pardoned by you." 62.12

"Oh heroic one, that lady is not fit for a praise in this and in the next world, who is appeased by her sagacious and praiseworthy husband." 62.13

"Oh follower of Dharma, I know about rules of Dharma and also know that you are an votary of truth but I spoke to you in an improper fashion, me being affected by the sorrow of parting with my son." 62.14

"Sorrow destroys courage as well as Śāstras and sorrow destroys everything and there is no enemy as great as sorrow." 62.15

"It is possible to endure the big blow from an enemies hand but it is not possible to endure, unexpected sorrow, however slight it may be." 62.16

"Oh heroic one, oh follower of Dharma, oh person who knows Vedas, even sages who do not have any doubt in either Dharma or Artha, when they are affected by sorrow, they get deluded." 62.17

"Today is the fifth night after Rāma has started living in the forest but it appears as if it is five years since I lost my joy and drowned in sorrow." 62.18

"While thinking of Rāma in my heart, the sorrow increases, like the water of ocean increases when a big river empties its waters in it." 62.19

When Kauśalya was talking these auspicious words, the light of the sun diminished and night was about to set in. 62.20

Thus consoled by these words of Kauśalya, the king, overcame his sorrow became under the control of sleep. 62.21

This is the end of Sixty Second Sarga of Ayodhyā Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.