Rāmāyana | Ayodhyā Kaṇḍa | Chapter 53

53. Rāma Laments about Kaikeyi

[Rāma finds the behaviour of Kaikeyi to be cruel. He is worried about the safety of his mother Kausalya. Lakṣmaṇa consoles him.]

After reaching near the foot of the Rāma did ablations of the dusk and that handsome great man spoke like this to Lakṣmaṇa. 53.1

"We are going to spend the first night in a place where people are not there as Sumantra has gone away. There is no need to worry about it." 53.2

"Oh Lakṣmaṇa, from now on we have to be vigilant and awake at night, for the safety/welfare of Sītā depends on both of us." 53.3

"Oh son of Sumitrā, we have to spend today night somehow and we will lie down on some material which we ourselves can collect." 53.4

That great one who deserved a great bed lay down on the ground and spoke to Lakṣmaṇa these good and memorable words. 53.5

"Oh Lakṣmaṇa, by this time The king would have slept with sorrow and Kaikeyi, whose desires have been fulfilled would have become happy." 53.6

"I hope that after the arrival of Bhārata, Kaikeyi would not take away the life of the king, for the sake of getting the kingdom." 53.7

"That old one who is like an orphan, has been separated from me and what can the soul of passion do as he has come under the control of Kaikeyi." 53.8

"Thinking about the king's confusion of mind, I feel that passion is stronger than Dharma or wealth." 53.9

"Oh my dear Lakṣmaṇa, Will even an ignorant man for the sake of a woman abandon his son, who has been following his will and pleasure?" 53.10

"Alas the son of Kaikeyi, Bhārata along with his wife would lead a happy and pleasant life, like an emperor of the Kosala kingdom?" 53.11

"With the king becoming very old and me having come to the forest, He would become only chief of that kingdom." 53.12

"A king who abandons Dharma and Artha and pursues only passion, will reach a state like King Daśaratha very quickly." 53.13

"Oh humble one, I consider Kaikeyi has come in to our home, for destruction of Daśaratha, my banishment and for making Bhārata as the king." 53.14

"Will Kaikeyi attracted by the exuberance of her prosperity, now torment Kausalya and Sumitrā, because of me?" 53.15

"Oh Lakṣmaṇa because of me, mother Sumitrā should not experience any sorrow and so in the morning you go back to Ayodhyā." 53.16

"I alone would go to Daṇḍaka forest along with Sītā and you would be the protector of orphan like Kausalya." 53.17

"Kaikeyi who does heinous deeds out of hatred may follow unjust means to trouble my mother and so you may entrust the upkeep of my mother to Bhārata, who is a follower of Dharma." 53.18

"Oh son of Sumitrā, in which of her previous births did my mother separate a mother from her son? I feel this has occurred because of that." 53.19

"Kausalya nurtured me for a long time with great difficulty and it this time when she can get fruits from me, she is separated from me alas?" 53.20

"Oh son of Sumitrā, I have given great pain to my mother and let no mother give birth to a son like me." 53.21

Oh Lakṣmaṇa, on hearing about my banishment, my mother's Myna bird would say to the parrot, "Oh parrot, bite the foot of the enemy." And I think my mother would be more pleased with that Myna. 53.22

"Oh killer of enemies, That soul of sorrow, who has very less of luck could not be helped by her son and she has no sons except me." 53.23

"My less fortunate mother after parting from me would have become extremely sad and has fallen down in the sea of sorrow." 53.24

"Oh Lakṣmaṇa, if I get angry, all by myself with my arrows I could have exterminated Ayodhyā and even the world, but this valour is without any reason now." 53.25

"Oh spotless one, Oh Lakṣmaṇa, at this time I am not getting crowned to avoid unrighteous conduct as well as to ensure a place in the other world." 53.26

In that desolate forest, Rāma did many such pitiable lamentations and with a face full of tears, he sat silently. 53.27

That Lakṣmaṇa then consoled Rāma who was lamenting and Rāma became like a fire which was put out or a ocean without waves. 53.28

"Oh foremost among the people who use weapons, It is certain that the city of Ayodhyā has lost its lustre after your departure and looks like a night without moon." 53.29

"Oh Rāma, Oh best among men, this type of lamentation from you is dangerous and Sītā and me are becoming sad because of that." 53.30

Oh Rāma neither Sītā and for that matter me, cannot keep alive even for a short time without you, like a fish cannot survive without water." 53.31

"Oh tormentor of enemies, without you being near me, I do not wish to see even Daśaratha, Sumitrā, Śatrughna and even heaven." 53.32

After that those two lovers of Dharma, who were seated comfortably. having seen the bed made under the tree, not far away from there, took rest. 53.33

After listening to the excellent words told by Lakṣmaṇa, with great respect, permitted him to live with dharma, with him till the total long duration of forest life is over. 53.34

After that in that lonely forest those strong sons of the Raghu clan lived in that slope of mountains like lions, without feeling either afraid or nervous. 53.35

This is the end of Fifty Third Sarga of Ayodhyā Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.