Rāmāyana | Ayodhyā Kaṇḍa | Chapter 51

51. Lakṣmaṇa Shares Sorrow with Guha

[Lakṣmaṇa keeps awake to guard Rāma. When Guha offers him to do that he refuses that offer and shares his sorrow with Guha.]

Seeing Lakṣmaṇa keeping awake for the sake of his brother, Guha who was greatly grieved told the following. 51.1

"Oh son, this comfortable bed has been arranged for your sake. Oh Prince take rest on that comfortably." 51.2

"All people are accustomed to troubles and since you are accustomed to comforts, so for guarding the safety of the son of Kākutstha clan, we will keep awake." 51.3

"I am telling you that Rāma is dearer to me than all other persons of the world and I am taking an oath on oath itself that this true." 51.4

"I am desiring for great fame, attainment of Dharma and realization of large wealth, only though the grace of Rāma." 51.5

"I along with my clan would protect my dear friend Rāma along with Sītā, who are resting, from every one with a bow in my hand." 51.6

"Due to the fact that I always am wandering in this forest, there is nothing that is not known to me there and I would be able to even control an army with four divisions." 51.7

Then Lakṣmaṇa addressing Guha told, "Oh Blemish less Guha, as long as all of us are protected by you with Dharma, we need not be afraid of anything." 51.8

"How can I get sleep or enjoy pleasures of the world, when Rāma along with Sītā is sleeping on the ground?" 51.9

"See that He who cannot be faced in war by devas and asuras, is sleeping comfortably on the blades of grass." 51.10

"This favourite son of Daśaratha who was obtained by severe penances involving Mantras and various other efforts, is very similar to him in all qualities and seeing him reduced to the state of sainthood, the king would not be alive for long. And this earth would become a widow very soon." 51.11-51.12

"The ladies who were with great sound wailing their heart out, would have been tired and that may be the reason why no sound is heard from the king's palace." 51.13

"The king, Kausalya as well as my mother, if they are still alive, may not last for this night." 51.14

"Thinking of Śatrughna, my mother may continue to live, but Kausalya due to parting of her son may not live further." 51.15

"Filled with affectionate people, who like to lead a life of joy, that city due to the sorrow of death of the king will perish." 51.16

"How can the king Daśaratha continue to hold his soul in his body, without being able to see his favourite eldest son?" 51.17

"After the death of the king, Kausalya will die and after that my mother also will die." 51.18

"Whatever has happened has already happened and my father without fulfilling his desire to consecrate Rāma as the king would die." 51.19

"Those who have accomplished their purpose, at the Appropriate time would conduct the funeral rites of the king lying in state." 51.20

"Along with lovely junctions of roads, undivided great roads, blessed with gardens and palaces, shining with courtesans, crowded with horses and chariots, echoing with sound of trumpets, filled with all sort of auspiciousness, with well-nourished contented people, having many gardens for recreations, with community fairs and festivals, the capital of my father would continue to exist happily. 51.21-51.23

"Now Daśaratha is living but after we return from our sojourn in the forest, will we be able to see that great one?" 51.24

"After fulfilling our promise, if we return in good health, would we be able to enter the city of Ayodhyā?" 51.25

When the great prince who was suffering due to sorrow was wailing and talking this way, the night passed away. 51.26

When the prince who was interested in the welfare of the people was telling the truth out of his regard for elders, Guha shed tears like the elephant having fever out of great sorrow. 51.27

This is the end of Fifty First Sarga of Ayodhyā Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.