Rāmāyana | Ayodhyā Kaṇḍa | Chapter 44

44. Sumitrā Consoles Kauśalya

[The balanced Sumitrā points out all the positive points of Rāma and convinces Kauśalya that only good will come out of Rāma's going to forest.]

Sumitrā devoted to Dharma addressing that great lady Kauśalya who was wailing using these words. told. 44.1

"Your son has great virtues and he is the best among men. Why are crying like a ill-fated individual?" 44.2

"Your son is a very strong one, based on Dharma and very great one who repudiated the throne to make the words of his great father as the perfect truth. By observing this, he would get desirable fruits even after death. So you should not lament over his action." 44.3 -44.4

"Lakṣmaṇa, the ever faultless one who has compassion towards all beings, renders the best form of service to Rāma." 44.5

"That Sītā who had a pleasant life though knowing well the problems of forest life is following your son, who is the follower of Dharma." 44.6

"That lord is flying the flag of great fame in this world and your son is greatly devoted to the upkeep of Dharma and truth and what has he not got?" 44.7

"Having known about, the purity and might of the great Rāma, the sun gods will not hurt his body with his rays." 44.8

"During all times, peace would prevail in the forest and the fire god will serve him by providing proper heat and cold to Rāma, there." 44.9

"When the blemish less one is sleeping at night, the moon will touch him with its cool rays just like the father touches the son." 44.10

"When he killed Subāhu the son of Thimidwaja who is the greatest among asuras, Lord Brahma had given him with great splendour, several divine weapons. And that valorous tiger among men, who is dependent on his own strength, will fearlessly live in the forest as if he is living in his own palace." 44.11-44.12

"How can not the earth obey his commands, whose aim of arrows assures him of the destruction of all his enemies." 44.13

"Due to the splendour, valour and auspicious courage that he has, he would complete his sojourn in the forest quickly and take over the kingdom." 44.14

"Oh Kauśalya, Rāma is the Sun to Sun himself, the lord of all lords, auspiciousness to Goddess Lakshmi, the foremost fame of fame itself, patience of patience, god of gods, the best among all beings and what problems would be there for him in the forest or in Ayodhyā," 44.15-44.16

"That best among men would be crowned as the king of earth along with Sītā as well as divine auspiciousness." 44.17

"Seeing that he was departing from here all the people were shedding tears of sorrow due to the speed of their great grief and that divine unconquerable God who wore grass as well as bark was followed by The Goddess Lakshmi wearing an apparel of grass. What would be difficult for him to do?" 44.18-44.19

"Lakṣmaṇa who is an expert in archery is following him fully armed with arrows, swords and other weapons. What would be impossible for him to do?" 44.20

"You would see him returning after a stay in the forest, and Oh God like lady, leave out this sorrow and passionate behaviour and I am telling you the truth." 44.21

"Oh faultless one, oh auspicious one, you would again see him salute you by keeping his head on your feet like a rising moon." 44.22

"When you see him entering again and being crowned, shining in great glory, tears of joy would definitely pour out of your eyes." 44.23

"Do not be sad, my lady for sorrow. Rāma will never see sorrow or inauspicious happenings, and you will soon see him along with Sītā and Lakṣmaṇa." 44.24

"Oh spot less one, when it is your duty to console all others, why this sort of reaction oh lady and why this fear in your mind." 44.25

"Oh lady, you should never be sad for you have a son like Rāma and there is no one in the world greater than Rāma, who stands on the path of virtue." 44.26

"When you see your son and his friends saluting you, you would shed tears of joy like the clouds in the rainy season." 44.27

"Your son who is capable of blessing with boons would speedily return and with his soft hands massage your feet." 44.28

"Your valorous son will greet and salute you along with his friends and you would drench him with tears of joy like the clouds making the mountain wet." 44.29

"After consoling that mother of Rāma who was the wife of the king, with different types of words and the sorrow from her mind disappeared like the cloud of autumn holding slight moisture." 44.30

This is the end of Forty Fourth Sarga of Ayodhyā Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.