Rāmāyana | Ayodhyā Kaṇḍa | Chapter 43

43. Kauśalya Laments

[Kauśalya finds fault with Daśaratha for agreeing to the words of the cruel Kaikeyi as she laments about her sons and Sītā.]

Due to sorrow because of parting with her son, Kauśalya with grief looked at the worn out king and told the king. 43.1

"The crooked Kaikeyi with the gait of a serpent, has spat the poison on the tiger among men Rāma and is now wandering about like a serpent which has cast off its outer skin." 43.2

"That pretty one who has fulfilled her objective by banishing Rāma, is like a poisonous serpent in her home and is now prepared to torture me." 43.3

"Had I given my son as her slave, he would after doing his work, beg and eat food and then move about in his own home." 43.4

"You have thrown down Rāma from his position as per Kaikeyī’s wishes, like a share meant for devatās is given to Asuras on full moon days." 43.5

"My valorous son who walks like the king of elephants and who is an expert in archery, now must be entering the forest along with his wife and Lakṣmaṇa." 43.6

"As per desire of Kaikeyi, when you have abandoned them, who have never seen suffering, to live in the forest, what would be their state of affairs?" 43.7

"Those young ones deprived of wealth at a time of real enjoyment have been banished to live a miserable life in forest subsisting on roots and fruits." 43.8

"When will I be able to see again, Rāma along with his wife and brother? I wish that time for complete destruction of my sorrows comes now itself." 43.9

"When will the heroes return to Ayodhyā and when will the good people of Ayodhyā welcome them by hoisting flags and banners?" 43.10

"When will they see the tiger among men returning from the forest and when will the town rejoice like the ocean on a full moon day?" 43.11

"When will the great hero again enter Ayodhyā, placing Sītā in front of him on the chariot like a bull being preceded by the cow?" 43.12

"When will thousands of people showed the puffed rice on the royal avenue, when my sons who are the destroyer of their enemies enter the town?" 43.13

"When will I see them enter Ayodhyā, with pretty ear globes and raising high their powerful weapons and swords and appear like a peak?" 43.14

"When will they offer fruits and flowers to the maids and Brahmins and go round the city?' 43.15

"When will he, steeped in Dharma and who is fully grown up in age and intelligence and who shines like devas, playfully reach me like a three year old?" 43.16

"Oh valorous one, without any doubt, in my previous birth I must have hacked the udders of a cow, when their calves were thirsting for milk." 43.17

"Oh tiger among men, Like a lion separating the cow from its calf, Kaikeyi has separated me from my son like a cow from its calf." 43.18

"I am not interested to live without my only son, who is endowed will all virtues and an expert in all branches of knowledge." 43.19

"I do not have even a little strength to live, without seeing my dear son, who is very strong and who has a powerful body." 43.20

"Due to the separating from my son, I feel that I am being burnt in the fire of grief, like the God Sun burning the earth by his very hot rays." 43.21

This is the end of Forty Third Sarga of Ayodhyā Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.