Rāmāyana |Ayodhyā Kaṇḍa| Chapter 4

4. Rāma's Coronation Preparation

[Daśaratha summons Rāma again and tells him that he sees bad dreams often. So he wants to complete the coronation the next day itself. He tells Rāma to observe the rituals along with Sītā. Rāma goes and meets his mother who is doing special worship. There he meets Lakṣmaṇa.]

After all the citizens departed, the king who was an expert decision maker along with his ministers further discussed and took a decision that Rāma with eyes like red lotus flower should be made in to the Yuvarāja when it is Puṣyā[Nakṣatra]. 4.1-4.2

The king Daśaratha entered in to his inner apartment, asked his charioteer to bring Rāma once again to him. 4.3

As soon as the charioteer heard the order, he again went to Rāma's house to again bring him. 4.4

When the door keepers informed the arrival of the charioteer again, Rāma was filled with apprehension. 4.5

Rāma after admitting him quickly told him, "Why did you come back again? Please tell me completely." 4.6

Hearing that, the charioteer told him. "The king wants to see you again. It is for you to decide whether to go or not." 4.7

Hearing these words of the Charioteer, Rāma immediately departed to the king's home, to see the king again. 4.8

The king Daśaratha hearing the news of arrival of Rāma, made him enter inside, so that he can tell him a very pleasing news. 4.9

While Rāma was entering the home of his father, from a distance he was saluting him with folded hands and bending slightly in reverence. 4.10

The king after straightening him embraced him, offered him a great seat and then told him again. 4.11

"Oh Rāma, after living for long years I have become old having enjoyed all the pleasures that I desired and I have conducted hundreds of sacrifices where food in plenty as well as lot of money was distributed." 4.12

"Oh great man, I have also got a great son who is matchless in the earth, in you, whom I love very much, I have done several fire sacrifices and also have learnt Vedas." 4.13

"Oh Valorous one, I have experienced all my desired pleasures, and I have repaid my debt to devas, sages and manes as also myself." 4.14

"I do not have any other duty left except your coronation, and for that reason you have to do whatever I tell you now." 4.15

"Today all my subjects want you to be their king and for that reason my dear son, I shall make you my Yuvarāja." 4.16

"Nowadays I am seeing very bad horrible dreams also meteors and thunders with great noise are falling in the day time itself." 4.17

"The bad planets Sun, Rāhu and mars have moved on to my birth star, the astrologers say." 4.18

"When such bad omens occur, most probably, I will meet with his death or face great calamities." 4.19

"Oh Rāma, for that reason, before I lose the grip on my mind, I want to complete the coronation, as you know the mind of people is not stable." 4.20

"Today is Punarvasu [Punartham] and tomorrow it will be Puṣyā and astrologers say this is highly suitable and auspicious for the coronation." 4.21

"My mind is telling me, "Crown Rāma in the Puṣyā Nakṣatra itself", oh slayer of enemies so I I am hastening it up and holding the coronation as Yuvarāja tomorrow itself." 4.22

"For that reason from today onwards, you along with my daughter in law Sītā should behave with self- restraint during nights and observe fast along with her and sleep on a bed of Durba." 4.23

"Since acts like this on such occasion face several impediments, let your friends also protect you from all sides." 4.24

"I think the time for consecration should be chosen when the time Bhārata is away from here." 4.25

"Your brother Bhārata desires to travel in path of virtue and has always followed his elder brother and is the follower of dharma, compassionate and one who has won over his sense organs." 4.26

"But I think that the mind of human being is not stable and this applies even to good people who has fixed their mind to Dharma." 4.27

After telling like this about the coronation that was to take place the next day, he permitted Rāma to go back and after thus permitted, Rāma after saluting his father went back to his home." 4.28

After the king has fixed the time for his crowning, Rāma went to his house and after entering immediately went to the private quarters of the king to meet his mother." 4.29

There he saw his mother wearing silk and praying for the royal fortune of himself to the gods in the prayer room. 4.30

Having heard about the happy news of the coronation of Rāma, Sumitrā and Lakṣmaṇa had already arrived there and Sītā was summoned to come there before arrival of Rāma. 4.31

At That time Kausalya stood there with half closed eyes accompanied by Sumitrā, Lakṣmaṇa and Sītā. 4.32

Hearing that her son will be crowned on the Puṣyā star, she was praying the God Janārdana holding her breath. 4.33

Rāma approached his mother doing religious observations, saluted her and with joy told these blameless words. 4.34

"Oh mother, father has deputed me to acts of ruling the people and as per his order the crowning will take place tomorrow." 4.35

"This night Sītā also will fast along with me and this was told by my father along with the teachers and priests." 4.36

"That coronation will take place tomorrow and please perform all the appropriate auspicious rituals to me and Vaidehī [Sītā]." 4.37

Kausalya after hearing the news, which she desired for a long time, spoke sweetly but indistinctly due to her shedding tears of joy. 4.38

"Oh son, Oh Rāma, may you live for a long time. May your enemies be destroyed. May you become prosperous and bring joy to my relatives and those of Sumitrā." 4.39

"Oh Rāma, you were born to me and your father on a lucky star and because of that you have brought joy to your father by your virtues. What a great thing that you were born." 4.40

"Oh lotus eyed one, it is joyful to see that my great penances are in vain and dear son, now the wealth of Ikshvāku clan would take refuge in you." 4.41

Hearing these words Rāma looked at his brother sitting with folded hands and saluting him and told him with a smile. 4.42

"Oh Lakṣmaṇa rule this earth along with me, and as you are my second inner self, this wealth also will reach you." 4.43

"Oh son of Sumitrā enjoy all the pleasures that you wished for and you may also enjoy the fruits of royalty, for I desire this life and kingdom only for your sake." 4.44

After telling like this to Lakṣmaṇa and after saluting his mother, Rāma took leave from them and along with Sītā went to his home. 4.45

This is the end of Fourth Sarga of Ayodhyā Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.