Rāmāyana | Ayodhyā Kaṇḍa | Chapter 32

32. Rāma Distributes Wealth

[Rāma distributes all his matchless and enormous wealth to all the Brahmins including Sujajñā, Vasiṣṭha and a poor learned Brahmin called Trijaṭā.]

After hearing that auspicious command that he liked, Lakṣmaṇa went and entered the home of Sujajñā. 32.1

Lakṣmaṇa went and saluted that Brahmin who was near the fire sanctuary and told him, "Oh friend, come to the house of Rāma and see the task which is difficult to be accomplished by any other man." 32.2

After performing the ritual of the twilight, he along with Lakṣmaṇa swiftly went to the pretty and prosperous palace of Rāma and entered there. 32.3

When Sujajñā who was well versed in Vedas and who was shining like sacrificial fire entered there, Rāma along with Sītā worshipped him with folded hands and went round him. 32.4

Then the son of the Kākutstha clan, gave in worship to Sujajñā, golden anklets, auspicious ear rings, pearls strung in golden chains, crowns, armlets and several other costly jewels and upon the request of Sītā told him. 32.5-32.6

"Oh my gentle friend, at this time Sītā wants to give to your wife, her necklace, gold chain and girdle and so please take them also." 32.7

"Oh friend, Sītā who is departing to the forest with me wants to give your wife her armlets as well as her auspicious bracelets." 32.8

"Sītā also wants to give her couch with exquisite bed spread woven with various type of gems to be used in your home." 32.9

"Oh great Brahmin, my maternal uncle gave me an elephant called Śatrughna. I am giving him along with another thousand elephants to you." 32.10

When Rāma told him like this Sujajñā accepted all those gifts and bestowed auspicious blessings on Rāma, Sītā and Lakṣmaṇa. 32.11

There after Rāma who talks sweetly, addressing his very beloved brother Lakṣmaṇa, similar to Lord Brahma addressing Indra told. 32.12

"Oh son of Sumitrā, please invite sage Agastya and sage Kauśika, who are two great Brahmins and shower on them the precious gems just like crops are showered with rain." 32.13

"Oh great hero with great self-respect, you also satisfy them with thousands of cows, gold, silver and precious gems." 32.14

"Oh Lakṣmaṇa give away chariots, maid servants and silk cloths till he attains satisfaction to a Brahmin who is greatly learned in Taittirīya Saṃhitā branch of the Vedas, who is agreeable to attend on Kauśalya’s religious needs." 32.15-32.16

"Minister of our father, charioteer Chitraratha has been in our service for many years. Please gratify him with gifts of highly valuable jewels, cloth, wealth, cows with young female calves in ten hundreds." 32.17

"Oh Lakṣmaṇa, there are many celibate students of Katha and Kalalapa branches of Vedas, who hold a staff in their hand, having great character due to their daily study of Vedas, who are lazy to do any other aspects of life and having great taste for delicious food. To each of these people who are respected by other great people, give eighty cart load of gems, thousand bulls capable of carrying paddy, two hundred bulls capable of ploughing and thousand cows f or preparing food". 32.18-32.20

"Oh son of Sumitrā, there are large number of sacred thread wearing students, depending on queen Kausalya. To each of them give one thousand cows." 32.21

"Oh Lakṣmaṇa, give charities to all those Brahmins by giving it to them mother Kausalya would be greatly pleased." 32.22

There upon that tiger among men distributed all the wealth as per instructions of Rāma to the great Brahmins, just like Kubera, the god of wealth might have done." 32.23

Thereafter Rāma, after distributing abundant wealth to all his dependents who were standing with tears and choked throats and told them. 32.24

"Please do fitting activities so that the houses of mine, as well as Lakṣmaṇa is not unattended till we come back." 32.25

After telling like this to all his attendants who earned their sustenance from him, he requested the treasury officer to bring all his treasures. 32.26

When his entire wealth was brought there, the dependents of Rāma were highly pleased to see the heaps of wealth. 32.27

That tiger among men, Rāma, along with Lakṣmaṇa distributed all that wealth to poor but greatly learned Brahmins whether they are young or old. 32.28

There lived a Brahmin named Trijaṭā a descendent of sage Gārgya, who was reddish brown in colour in that place. He used to dig the forest with pickaxe, plough and a crow bar as his profession was digging of earth. 32.29

His young wife distressed by great poverty, keeping her young sons in front of her told that old Brahmin. 32.30

"Oh expert in Dharma, Please hear my words and throw away this pickaxe, crow bar and plough and then go and see Rāma and you may obtain something." 32.31

Having hear his wife's words that Trijaṭā, covering himself with a torn unfit upper cover started walking through the path leading to palace of Rāma. 32.32

In that crowd since Trijaṭā was having the lustre of sage Bhrigu and Aṅgiras, no one dared to stop him till he reached the fifth courtyard of Rāma's palace. 32.33

That Trijaṭā after approaching Rāma told him "oh very famous prince, I do not have any money but have many children and I daily dig in the forest to collect left over grains, on which I am subsisting. Please show your mercy on me." 32.34-32.35

That Rāma with a smile and in an jeering way told him, "I have yet not given away one thousand cows. You throw your staff and till the place it reaches you all the cows are yours." 32.36

That bewildered Trijaṭā, after tightly tying up his upper garment at his waist, hurled the staff with all his strength after fixing the proper direction." 32.37

The staff which was released from his hand reached up to the bank of Sarayu River and fell in the middle of very many thousands of cows. 32.38

Rāma, the soul of Dharma after embracing him, sent all the cows up to the Sarayu river along with herdsmen to his hermitage. 32.39

Afterwards Rāma placated the descendent of sage Gārgya and said, "please do not get angry, I only meant it as a joke." 32.40

"Your power is something that cannot be matched and only with a view to see it, I told you like this. Please ask for anything else that you desire." 32.41

"Oh great sage Trijaṭā, I am telling you the truth and there is no limit to your demanding my wealth. All my wealth are for Brahmins only and by distributing all my wealth I aim to get fame and pleasure." 32.42

That great sage Trijaṭā along with his wife after receiving the multitude of cows became delighted and blessed the great Rāma with fame, strength, pleasure and prosperity. 32.43

That Rāma with a fully satisfied mind, distributed that great wealth which was earned by his great strength and he was greatly praised by all of his friends for this action. 32.44

There at that place there was no Brahmin, friend, servant, beggar or for that matter anyone who was not satisfied by being honoured or by charity. 32.45

This is the end of Thirty Second Sarga of Ayodhyā Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.