Rāmāyana | Ayodhyā Kaṇḍa | Chapter 29

29. Sītā Pleads with Rāma

[Sītā tells Rāma that astrologers had predicted that she would live in the forest. She further tells him that she would be safe as he would protect her.]

Hearing these words, Sītā who was made sorrowful by Rāma, with flowing tears from the eye told slowly as follows. 29.1

"All those difficulties that you mentioned against living in the forest because to you who is virtuous accompanying me with love, would fly away." 29.2

"Oh Rāma, those deer, Lions, elephants, tigers, Sarabhas, birds srimaras, and wild beasts wandering in the forest, seeing you, whom they have not seen before would run away due to great fear arising within them." 29.3-29.4

"As per the instructions of my elders and teachers, I have to go to the forest along with you and also, if I part with you, I would give up this life." 29.5

"Oh Rāma, if I live in yor company, even Indra, with all his might, will not be in a position to trouble me." 29.6

"Oh Rāma, with great liking to me, you have instructed that a wife cannot/should not, live without the company of her husband." 29.7

"Oh very intelligent one, Moreover when I was in my father's house, great Brahmins who have having heard about me has foretold that I will have to live in forest for some time." 29.8

"Oh mighty one, having heard the words of the great Brahmins based on my form, I had been daily desirous of living in the forest." 29.9

"Oh beloved, it is necessary for me to obtain permission to stay along with you in the forest, for There is no question of my not accompanying to the forest." 29.10

"The prediction will come true and I will accompany you to the forest. The time has arrived for the prediction of the Brahmin to be realized." 29.11

"Oh valorous one, I am aware of the several hardships that are likely to happen in the forest and know that such hardships are experiences by those whose senses are not under their control." 29.12

"When I was young and living in my father's house, a beggar woman saint predicted forest life for me in front of my mother." 29.13

"Oh Lord, earlier you had favoured my services to you for a long time and now I desire to live with you in the forest." 29.14

Oh Rāma, may you be safe. Since then I am waiting for departing to the forest and I would very much like to follow my valiant Lord to the forest." 29.15

"Oh pure hearted one, by following the husband with love, I would become a lady without sins, as husband is my God." 29.16

"I have heard from pious and venerable Brahmins that I would live auspiciously with you even after death for, Oh greatly intelligent one, That woman, who in this world is given by her father with offering of water according to religious tradition, belongs to her husband even after his death." 29.17-29.18

"I, being a virtuous woman of good conduct belonging to you, why are you not interested from taking me from this place." 29.19

"I am your devotee, a virtuous wife who is depressed and an equal your pleasures and sufferings, and so it is only proper for you to share your sorrows and joys." 29.20

"If you do not wish to take me, who is suffering very great sorrow, to the forest, then I shall take refuge in poison or water or fire, which would become my cause of death." 29.21

Though she pleaded about coming with him with the very strong one in various ways, he was not willing to take her to the desolate forest. 29.22

When told like this the worried daughter of Mithilā shed warm tears on the ground so as to wet the ground before her. 29.23

That spirited son of Kākutstha dynasty consoled in many ways that greatly sad, Sītā in very many ways. 29.24

This is the end of Twenty Ninth Sarga of Ayodhyā Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.