Rāmāyana | Ayodhyā K| Chapter 25

25. Kauśalya Bids Farewell to Rāma

[Kauśalya advices Rāma about forest life, prays for his safety and bids him farewell.]

After abandoning her tiresomeness, Kauśalya purified herself by touching pure water, and performed auspicious ceremonies to Rāma. 25.1

"Oh best among the Raghu clan, since I am not able to dissuade you, you may go now, but return speedily. Please follow the paths of good men." 25.2

"Oh tiger among the Raghu clan, you would be protected by performance of your duty with great courage and self-discipline." 25.3

"Let the salutations that you do in temples and other sacred places as well as the great sages protect you." 25.4

"Let the sacred weapons gifted to by the great sage Viśvāmitra, protect you, who is endowed with all good qualities." 25.5

"Oh great warrior, let the service that you did to your father as well as the service to mother as well as the truth protect you for a long time." 25.6

"let the sacred sticks, sacred grass, holy rings made of Darbha, your leaning of Vedas, the temples, various peculiar sacrificial grounds, mountains, trees, plants, lakes, birds, serpents as well as lions also protect you." 25.7

Let Sādhyas, Viswe devatās, Maruts, sages, Data [the giver-Vishnu], Vidhātā [the decider-Lord Brahma], Sun, Bhaga, Yama, Aryamā and Lokapāla [protector of the earth], all bless you. 25.8

"Let all the seasons, let the twin fortnights of the month, months, years, nights, days, divisions of days may bring good for you always." 25.9

"Oh son, let memory, decision as well as Dharma protect you always. Let Skanda, gods, devas, moon, Brihaspati, seven great sages and Nārada provide you protection always. 25.10-25.11

"Let all Sidhas, directions, gods of directions, who were all praised by me, protect you always and from all directions in the forest." 25.12

"When you are living in the forest let all mountains, oceans, kin g Varuṇa, heaven, environment, earth, all rivers and all stars as well as subsidiary devas, day and night, dusk, noon and dawn protect you." 25.13-25.14

"Let blessings, the six seasons, months, years, Kala and Kāṣṭhā [minute divisions of time] may show you the paths of welfare." 25.15

"Let all those who wander in the forest in the garb of sages, devas who are the great sons of Āditi, asuras the sons of Diṭṭhi bestow pleasures on you." 25.16

"Oh little son, let the Rākṣasas, Bhūtas who are the horrible performers of evils as well as the flesh eating beings, not create fear in you and frighten you." 25.17

"Deep inside the dense forests let you not be troubled by monkeys, scorpions, gnats, mosquitoes, and other reptiles." 25.18

"Oh little son, let not you be hurt by the deep incisors of Tigers and lions as well as big elephants, bears with horns and ferocious wild buffaloes." 25.19

"Oh son you would not be hurt by human flesh eating animals as well, ferocious other animals because I have worshipped them and requested them not to harm you." 25.20

"Oh child, Let the paths that you travel be safe. Let you be blessed with occult powers, valour as well as all types of wealth. Oh Rāma, please go safely." 25.21

"Let you be protected by devatās of the sky again and again from enemy kings. Let all devas protect you from all your enemies." 25.22

"Oh Rāma, let Guru, Sun, Moon, Kubera as well as Yama Whom I have worshipped for your welfare protect you in the Daṇḍaka forest." 25.23

"Oh Rāma, let fire, wind, sun and the sacred prayers chanted by great sages protect you while you are taking bath." 25.24

"Let Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma, sages and all other remaining devatās protect you, while you are in a forest." 25.25

Thus the famous broad eyed one, worshipped with flowers and incense, using appropriate prayers worshipped all the devas. 25.26

After lighting of the fire, great and well-read Brahmins according to law gave offerings to different devas for the sake of welfare of Rāma. 25.27

The noble lady Kauśalya procured ghee, garlands of white flowers, sacred sticks and white coloured mustard seeds for offering them to gods. 25.28

The priest according to rules of procedure after performing the sacrifice for peace, with the remaining materials performed other sacrifices externally. 25.29

After having made the Brahmins chant the Mantras of safety along with honey, curds, rice and ghee, she made them recite the chants for conferring prosperity on Rāma. 25.30

The illustrious mother of Rāma, gave monetary offerings to all the Brahmins as desired by the Brahmins and told the following words to Rāma. 25.31

"Let that auspiciousness which was bestowed on the thousand eyed god, who is saluted by all devas, after the destruction of Vritra, may be bestowed on you." 25.32

"Let the same auspiciousness which was wished by Vinatā [mother of Garuda], praying for nectar on Garuda be bestowed on you also." 25.33

"Let the auspiciousness conferred by Āditi on Indra after the generation of nectar and killing of all the asuras be conferred on you also." 25.34

"The greatly lustrous Vishnu as Trivikrama occupied the three steps as the three worlds and got glorified. Let the same auspiciousness be conferred on you." 25.35

"Oh Great hero, May the good and auspicious seasons, seas, islands, Vedas, worlds, and the eight directions bring you auspiciousness." 25.36

The broad eyed pretty lady Kauśalya, after telling all this, placed all the remaining of the offerings on Rāma's head, applied sandal paste on his body, for getting his mission properly done she tied an amulet containing Vishalyakarani herb on his hand and muttered in a very low tone. 25.37-25.38

Caught in deep distress but acting as if she was greatly pleased, she said words which did not come from her mind. 25.39

That famous lady, bent down smelt his head hugged him and told him, "Oh Rāma go with joy, and fulfil your objectives in peace." 25.40

"Oh son, I would happy to see you back having no diseases after you achieved all your objectives and then get firmly established in this kingdom." 25.41

"When you return from the forest, I would like to see you resembling the full moon, with no sorrow me and me being with full of joy." 25.42

"Oh Rāma, after coming from the forest, occupy the throne, after completely fulfilling the words of your father." 25.43

"Oh Rāma after you have returned from the forest with auspiciousness, you be engaged in fulfilling all desires of me and my daughter in law." 25.44

"Oh Rāma I have worshipped Lord Shiva and others, several devas, great sages, Bhūtas, Suras, serpents as well as the eight directions, and they will look after you when you are in the forest." 25.45

Like this she with tear filled eyes, after completing all rituals, went round Rāma, again and again held him tightly and deeply embraced him. 25.46

After she went round him, Rāma fell at his mother's feet again and again and that Rāma shining in her glory went to Sītā's palace. 25.47

This is the end of Twenty Fifth Sarga of Ayodhyā Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.