Rāmāyana | Ayodhyā K| Chapter 23

23. Lakṣmaṇa Frets and Fumes

[Lakṣmaṇa does not agree with Rāma that fate is all powerful and also he does not agree that, according to Dharma, he should go to forest. He says that he will kill everyone who stands on his way and perform coronation of Rāma.]

When Rāma was speaking thus Lakṣmaṇa kept his bent hearing him with mind, midway from sorrow to joy. 23.1

The best among men with a frown in between the eye brows, due to anger and breathed like a great serpent in its liar. 23.2

Then with a frightening look and contracted eye brows, he shined like an angry lion. 23.3

Shaking his forearm like an elephant shaking its trunk, holding his body and head erect and with eyes staring straight he told his brother. 23.4

"Oh greatest among brave of the royal clans, you have come to the conclusion to go to the forest feeling that if you do not obey the commands of the father, harm will be done to Dharma and this hasty and unwarranted conclusion was taken in an improper time. How are you telling that fate is all powerful when it really is powerless?" 23.5-23.6

"What for are you praising fate as powerful while it is powerless? Why are you not having any doubt about those two sinners?" 23.7

"Oh Soul of Dharma, Why are you not recognizing these are but soft deceptions of Dharma? You, who are known to be good, should recognize their adamant and selfish nature and repudiate them." 23.8

"Oh Rāma, if both of them had not decided this action before, those boons promised to her would have been given long back?" 23.9

"Oh Valorous one, consecration to anyone other than you would be detested by all people and I cannot tolerate this, so I deserve a pardon from you?" 23.10

"Oh intellectual one, there is duplicity in your thoughts due to your association with Dharma and I do not like it." 23.11

"Though you are capable of acting why are you following the unjustifiable and fit to be berated words of father who is influenced by Kaikeyi and which are against Dharma." 23.12

"This treacherous deed made by a guilty mind is not being prevented by you, who has a right mind. I feel sad about it and feel that such attachment to it in not at all, right." 23.13

"Those who two who are doing the penance of passion are not bothered by your welfare. How can you carry out the wishes of those parents who are really your enemies?" 23.14

"If you are telling me that all this is the decree of fate, it does not please me to overlook what is happening?" 23.15

"While a fear stuck coward follows destiny, the valorous and respected souls do not honour it." 23.16

"Fate cannot trouble a man who puts very great effort and such a man will not grieve by defeat and will not blame fate." 23.17

"Today every man will see the strength of a man as well as strength of fate and the difference between man and fate would be clearly visible." 23.18

"Today people would see that the fate is defeated, by my masculine power, let us defeat destiny by your consecration." 23.19

"I will definitely win over fate, which is like a madly running elephant in rut, which is proud of its great strength, which cannot be controlled by goad nor shackled." 23.20

"All the guardians of the different directions of the world as well all the three worlds united would not be capable of stopping Rāma's coronation. What of the king who is our father." 23.21

"Oh king, those people who have planned to send you to the forest would themselves would reside in the forest for fourteen years." 23.22

"And so I will cut off the desire of your father as well as Kaikeyi, of obstructing your consecration and gifting of the kingdom to her son." 23.23

"Those who oppose my strength by their strength as well as strength of fate, would experience great sorrow, due to my very fierce strength." 23.24

"After you administer for one thousand years and after you have gone to the forest, your sons would rule the country." 23.25

"In earlier days the royal sages were fated to live in the forest after entrusting the kingdom to be ruled by their sons." 23.26

"Oh follower of Dharma, if the king things in many directions, with doubt the disturbances will shake the kingdom, you need not have any apprehension about it. Oh valorous one, I am taking an oath That I will protect the kingdom like a ocean protects its banks and If I do not do it, I will not go the heaven of the heroes. 23.27-23.28

"With the auspicious materials already collected, be busy in getting yourself crowned and I am single handily confidant of being able to drive away all kings." 23.29

"These two hands are not there for ornamental purpose and my bow is not an ornament and this sword is not for just tying to my waist and my arrows do not remain stationary in my quiver and all these are meant to tame all my enemies." 23.30

"Anyone who desires to be my enemy would not be allowed to remain alive any further. Holding my sharp edged sword which would be able to move like lightning, I shall kill my enemy, even if he is Devendra." 23.31-23.32

"The entire earth would become a place where no one can enter and one not possible to cross, by those cut by my sword like, the trunks, flanks and heads of elephants and by warriors killed by me." 23.33

"Those who are cut by my sword would be burning like mountains, as my enemies would fall to the ground like the lightning from rich clouds." 23.34

"When I stand before them armed with a bow and a protector for the arm and fingers, which one will say that he is many among men?" 23.35

"With many arrows I will strike one enemy and throw him down and with one arrow I will hit many and I shall sent my arrows and hurt the vital parts of men. Horses and elephants." 23.36

"Today you will see the power of my powerful arrows struck with power by me, and I will make the present king powerless and make you the lord of this kingdom." 23.37

"Today, Coated with sandal paste and wearing crown, my arrows held in my hand, which are meant for distributing wealth and protecting friends, would perform the worthy act of putting down those who are causing cancellation of your coronation." 23.38-23.39

"Point out to me your enemy, who should be cut off from their life, fame and friends. Order me how you want this earth should become yours. I will get all those things done as I am your servant." 23.40

Rāma who is the source of prosperity of the clan of Raghus, wiped his tears again and again, consoled Lakṣmaṇa and said to him, "Oh gentle man, you should know that the right path for us is to follow the words of our father." 23.41

This is the end of Twenty Third Sarga of Ayodhyā Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.