Rāmāyana | Ayodhyā Kaṇḍa | Chapter 15

15. Sumantra's Visit to Rāma's Palace

[Sumantra is again sent back by the people in charge of arrangements to get final approval of the King. Daśaratha sends Sumantra to bring Rāma. Sumantra goes to the crowded palace of Rāma.]

Those Brahmins who were expert in Vedas having stayed for the whole night, along with the priests of the king assembled near the place where coronation would take place. 15.1

Ministers, chiefs of army, chiefs of merchant associations had also assembled there with great joy for Rāma's coronation. 15.2

The chiefs of Brahmins had decided to celebrate the coronation of Rāma when the Sun becomes bright in the Puṣyā star and when Karkidaga Lagna, which was the Lagna of Rāma, is in ascendant. 15.3

Golden jars with water, a well decorated throne with a tiger skin spread on it and a chariot were all shining. 15.4

Sacred water from the confluence of Ganga and Yamuna, as also water from other sacred rivers, wells, lakes, ponds and from rivers flowing east or west words and from rivers which has joined together, and those rivers flowing crookedly and from all oceans had been brought. 15.5-15.6

Gold and silver pots filled with excellent water, together with popped grains covered by milky sappy leaves along with lotuses and water lilies were shining. 15.7

Honey, curds, ghee, puffed rice, Durbhā, flowers, milk, Courtesans with dignified conduct and well ornamented were all have been arranged. 15.8

A great fan made with hairs of Yak, made of gold and inlaid with various precious gems, which resembled the diffused rays of the moon was held in readiness for Rāma. 15.9

A white majestic Umbrella resembling the full moon which is to be used before the coronation was kept ready. 15.10

A white bull was kept ready. A white horse and a white majestic elephant in rut, which were worthy of ridden by a great king was also got ready. 15.11

Eight auspicious maids decorated with all types of ornaments, all sorts of musical instruments and poets who flatter and others were waiting. 15.12

All the articles which were arranged for the coronation of a prince belonging to the Ikshvāku race were also arranged for the coronation of the king's son. All those people who were assembled there as per the order of the king told, "Who will tell the king about our arrival?" 15.13-15.14

"The sun has risen and we are not able to see the king though all arrangements to make Rāma as Yuvarāja are kept ready." 15.15

When great kings from all over were talking like this among themselves, Sumantra who had met the king said. 15.16

"As per the orders of the king, I am going speedily to meet Rāma. You are all honourable to the king and especially to Rāma." 15.17

"I shall ask the king, on your behalf, his welfare; wish him long life and the reason for his not coming here." 15.18

That expert in all things historic, after saying this entered the private apartments, which remained closed always. 15.19

After having entered and after praising the king's clan, he approached the bed room of the king and stood there. 15.20

After entering near the bed room and he stood behind the curtain, he praised the king Daśaratha and also told him the words of blessing. 15.21

"Oh king of Kākutstha clan, may the sun and the moon, Shiva and Kubera, Varuṇa, fire God and Indra bless you with victory." 15.22

"The divine night has come to an end and the auspicious day has arrived. Oh tiger like king, please wake up and attend to your other duties." 15.23

"Oh member of Raghu clan, oh king, several Brahmins, army commanders and merchants have arrived and are seeking your audience and so please wake up." 15.24

That king who woke up saw Sumantra, the minister and charioteer, and an expert in Mantras and told him as follows. 15.25

"Oh Charioteer, you have been told by her to bring Rāma speedily and for what reason are my orders not implemented?" 15.26

And Again the king Daśaratha ordered the charioteer, "I have not been sleeping and instantly go and bring Rāma." 15.27

After hearing the orders, respecting him with a bow of head, he again left the king's residence, thinking himself about the coming auspicious event. 15.28

The Charioteer saw the royal avenue well decorated by flags and banners and was greatly pleased by it. 15.29

That charioteer over heard the conversation between all the well pleased assembled citizens about the coronation of Rams. 15.30

Then Sumantra saw the palace of Rāma resembling the Kailāśa peak which in splendour resembled the residence of Devendra. 15.31

Sumantra saw the palace closed by two very great doors, shining with hundreds of galleries, with idols of gold kept on its top and with decorations made of costly gems. He saw it like the lustrous clouds of autumn resembling the shining cave of Mount Meru. It was decorated with garlands of precious stones and pearls strewn here and there with pearls and being decorated by sandal and aloe wood. It was emitting fragrance like the Peak of Dardura Mountains and captivated all minds. The sarasa birds and peacocks added to its glitter by their sweet songs and the palace was well decorated with well carved images and other trimmings. With its great splendour it captivated the eyes and minds of all living beings, It was shining like the Sun and moon and looked like the residence of Kubera and was like the mirror image of the palace of Indra. It was populated by various types of birds. And that Charioteer saw the house of Rāma like the peak in Meru Mountain. The villagers had come as crowds bringing gifts along with them and were waiting impatiently to see the coronation. That palace of Rāma which looked like a great cloud was well decorated and filled with variety of gems. It was also crowded with hunchbacks and hunters. 15.32-15.40

That charioteer travelling in the chariot drawn by horses delighting the people and the royal clans and all the people of the city reached the house of Rāma. 15.41

Having reached there, that charioteer was greatly thrilled on seeing the magnificent and great riches of the house of Rāma filled with peacocks and great beauty and resembling the house of Indra. 15.42

The courtyards of that house of Rāma was like Kailāśa and greatly decorated and resembled the house of devas and being very close to Rāma passed through several waiting friends and entered the private apartment of Rāma. 15.43

There the charioteer heard all the people who were greatly delighted by the arrangements made for the coronation of Rāma and talking about the auspicious future of the son of the king. 15.44

Sumantra saw Rāma's house which looked like the home of Indra, filled with various animals and birds and it looked like the Peak of Meru Mountain and shining with light. 15.45

Millions of people from the village had arrived and having left the chariots were standing near the gate, giving salutations with folded hands and they had also brought several gifts. 15.46

There he also saw a huge bodied royal elephant named Sathrunjaya, resembling the great clouds surrounding the mountain, with flowing ichors from its temples, standing without caring for the goad and waiting for Rāma to climb on it. 15.47

The important minister had already come there riding on well decorates chariots, horses and elephants but Sumantra found his way to Rāma's private apartment walking the crowds on both sides of the road. 15.48

With its great towers the house looked like Mahendra mountain surrounded by motionless clouds and it had very many rooms and that charioteer entered it like a crocodile entering the sea which was blessed with different type of precious stones. 15.49

This is the end of Fifteenth Sarga of Ayodhyā Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.