Rāmāyana |Ayodhyā Kaṇḍa| Chapter 112

112. Bhārata Requests for Rāma's Sandals

[The great sages advice Bhārata to go back. Rāma strictly refuses to become the king. Bhārata requests for sandals of Rāma so that he would consecrate them and rule as his representative. He tells Rāma that if Rāma does not return after 14 years, then he would enter fire and die.]

Those great sages who have assembled there seeing the meeting between two brothers of matchless glory were amazed and the hairs of their body stood erect. 112.1

Those many sages, Sidhas as well as divine sages who remained invisible appreciated the two brothers of the clan of Kākutstha. 112.2

"He indeed is blessed to have two sons like these who are followers of Dharma and valorous in Dharma and hearing their conversations, we have become attached to them." 112.3

Then those many sages desiring for the quick destruction of the ten headed ones, told Bhārata, the best of kings the following words. 112.4

"You are of noble birth, greatly intelligent, capable of great penance, and so you should accept the advice of Rāma and accept the words of your father." 112.5

"We desire that Rāma should be without the debt to his father, by discharging the obligation of Dasaratha who has gone to heaven." 112.6

"After telling these words those Gandharvas and great sages, went back to their respective abodes." 112.7

Hearing those words which will lead to Happiness that auspicious looking, auspiciousness Rāma, with a delighted face paid homage to those saints. 112.8

That Bhārata with a trembling body and with hands folded in reverence, after getting composure of their voice, addressed Rāma and told these words. 112.9

"Oh son of Kākutstha clan, following the Dharma of kings, to perpetuate the Dharma of our clan, please consider the request of mine as well as my mother." 112.10

"I would not be able to protect this kingdom all alone and I would not be able to rule the citizens of cities and villages, making them happy." 112.11

"Our clan members, warriors as well as our friends and good hearted people are longing for you like the farmer longing for rains." 112.12

"Oh very wise one, after accepting this kingdom, give it stability, for son of Kākutstha clan, you are powerful enough to rule this world." 112.13

Saying this Bhārata fell at the feet of Rāma and that Bhārata who spoke sweet words entreated him ardently to accept his request. 112.14

Rāma after hugging Bhārata, who was black in colour and who has eyes like lotus petal, told him in a voice resembling the voice of a swan. 112.15

"Oh lad, due to the training received from our Guru, you have obtained the knowledge of that and so you are perfectly capable of ruling this world." 112.16

"Take the advice of ministers, friends, especially intelligent ministers and you can get done all endeavours, however tough it may be." 112.17

"Splendour may go away from moon or snow may disappear from Himalaya Mountain or ocean may over step in to its shores, but I shall not break the oath given to my father." 112.18

"Oh lad whether your mother has done this out of avarice or affection but it was done for your sake and so you should not take it seriously and conduct yourself properly with your mother." 112.19

Then having heard the words of the son of Kauśalya, Bhārata who normally has a brilliance of the sun appeared like the waxing moon on its first day, spoke. 112.20

"Oh gentle one, keep your feet on this sandals decorated with gold, for they are going to bring prosperity and safety of the entire world." 112.21

The tiger among men with great lustre, Rāma, put on the sandals and then removed them and gave it to the great Bhārata. 112.22

Bhārata bowed down to the sandals and addressing Rāma told, "Oh destroyer of enemies, Oh valorous one, Oh son of the Raghu clan, wearing matted locks and garments of bark and living on fruits and roots and residing outside the city, I would place the responsibility of ruling the kingdom on these sandals and look forward for your arrival anxiously." 112.23-112.24

"Oh best among the clan of Raghu, on the completion of fourteen years, suppose I do not see you, then I will enter the blazing fire and die." 112.25

After promising to Bhārata saying, "so be it," and after earnestly hugging Bhārata and Śatrughna, Rāma spoke these words. 112.26

"Oh best among Raghu clan, look after your mother Kaikeyi and do not get angry with her and I am taking an oath on myself and Sītā that I would fulfil your words." Saying this he took leave from his brothers with tear filled eyes. 112.27-112.28

The famous Bhārata who was the follower of Dharma, after having worshipped those well decorated sandals and after going round Rāma with reverence, placed those sandals on the top of a very good elephant. 112.29

After that Rāma, the enhancer of the fame of Raghu dynasty, who was as firm as the Himalaya mountain, greeted his teachers, ministers, subjects, his younger brothers Bhārata and Śatrughna, according to their rank and took leave of them. 112.30

Due to great sorrow and due to their throats being choked with tears, the mothers of Rāma could not take leave from him but Rāma after saluting all of them entered in to his hut with eyes full of tears. 112.31

This is the end of One Hundred and Twelfth Sarga of Ayodhyā Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.