Rāmāyana |Ayodhyā Kaṇḍa| Chapter 111

111. Rāma Agrees to Become King

[Sage Vasiṣṭha logically tells Rāma that he would not be going against Dharma if he returns back; but Rāma tells him that his father's words were paramount to him. Bhārata further protests by doing Sathyagraha. Rāma tells him, he would become king after he comes back.] 

Vasiṣṭha, the family priest of the kings, after speaking to Rāma like this again spoke other words of Dharma to him. 111.1 

"Oh Rāma of the Kākutstha clan, when a man is born he has three teachers and they are his Guru, his father and his mother." 111.2

"Oh best among men, the father is responsible for the birth of the man and the Guru gives him wisdom and so he is superior." 111.3 

"Oh destroyer of enemies, I was the Guru to your father as well as you and so by following my words, you would not be going against Dharma." 111.4 

"All these people of your assembly, those from business guilds and Brahmins are your people and by doing your duty to them, you would not be going against Dharma." 111.5 

"It is not proper for you not to obey the words of your old mother who is the follower of Dharma and so you would not be acting against Dharma." 111.6 

"Oh valorous one in Dharma and truth, this Bhārata is begging you and so if you agree to his request, you would not be acting against Dharma." 111.7

 When these sweet words were told by the Guru, Rāma himself replied to the Guru who was sitting beside him. 111.8 

"The duties that mother and father perform towards their son is always to their best of ability and aimed at pleasing the son, by making him sleep, covering and clothing, by speaking affectionate words to him and also by bringing him up properly and these acts of mother and father cannot be repaid." 111.9-111.10 

"My father Dasaratha begot me and the promise that I have done to him shall never be made untrue." 111.11 

When the greatly philanthropic Bhārata was addressed this way, with extremely distressed mind told the charioteer who was standing by his side. 111.12 

"Oh charioteer immediately spread Kuśa grass on this earth and I shall lie down on it till my esteemed brother shows his graciousness." 111.13 

"Like a Brahmin deprived of his wealth, without taking any food and without seeing this world, I shall lie down in front of his hut till he agrees with me." 111.14 

That greatly troubled Bhārata seeing that Sumantra was waiting for the orders of Rāma, himself brought the Kusa grass and spread it on the ground. 111.15 

The greatly lustrous Rāma who was the greatest among royal sages told Bhārata, "Oh Bhārata, what wrong have I done to you that makes you lie down before me and prevent me." 111.16  

"Only a Brahmin can prevent the actions of another one by lying down in front of him and law does not permit the person who can be anointed as king to prevent like this." 111.17 

"Get up oh tiger among men and give up this pitiable penance and oh Bhārata quickly go to the best of cities, Ayodhyā." 111.18 

While being seated, Bhārata asked the citizens of towns and villages who were assembled there. "Why do you not persuade this gentleman?" 111.19 

Those great people who included the citizens of towns and villages told, "We know that son of Kākutstha clan and he is talking correctly." 111.20 

"The great Rāma is firmly fixed in the words of his father and that is why we are not able to quickly make him return." 111.21 

Hearing their very understanding words Rāma told, "Please understand the words of these friends who are seeing only Dharma." 111.22 

"Oh mighty armed Bhārata, after hearing both our views think over it, get up and drink water." 111.23 

Then Bhārata stood up, sipped water and told the following words, "Oh ministers, oh tradesmen, please hear what I have to say." 111.24

 "Neither did I request the kingdom from my father nor urged my mother. And I also did not know about the exile of Rāma, who is the great follower of Dharma." 111.25 

"If it is our duty to live in the forest as per words of my father, I would myself in the forest for fourteen years." 111.26

 The soul of Dharma was greatly surprised to hear the genuine words of his brother and speaking to the citizens of towns and villages. 111.27 

"Neither for Bhārata or me, it is possible to can cancel whatever my father bought or pledged or sold." 111.28 

"In the matter of living in the forest it is disgusting for keeping a substitute for me, and it shall not be done. Kaikeyi has only spoken properly to my father and a good deed was done." 111.29 

"I know that Bhārata has a patient nature and honours his elders and for the truthful Bhārata everything that happens will be auspicious." 111.30 

"When I come back from the forest along with my brother who practices Dharma, I would become the king of this earth." 111.31

"The king was requested by Kaikeyi and I have followed those words and it is now your duty to release our father from falsehood." 111.32 

This is the end of One Hundred and Eleventh Sarga of Ayodhyā Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.