Rāmāyana | Ayodhyā Kaṇḍa | Chapter 11

11. Kaikeyi Asks for Boons

[Daśaratha promises her that he would give any boon asked by her and takes the oath on Rāma. Kaikeyi reminds him of the earlier war and his promise to give her two boons. She wants Bhārata to be crowned next day and that Rāma should go to the forest for fourteen years.]

Armed with the darts of the God of love, she addressed the king who was completely caught in the net of passion with the following words. 11.1

"Oh god like king, I have not been offended by any one nor was I insulted by anyone but I want to communicate an opinion of mine to you." 11.2

"If you want to fulfil my desires, then give me a promise that you will fulfil whatever I ask for. Then I will tell you what I want." 11.3

The magnificent Daśaratha in the throes of passion with a visible smile, took the hair of the lady who can smile brightly in his hand and said. 11.4

"Oh lady with pride, don't you know that there is no one whom I love more than yourself other than the best among men Rāma." 11.5

"I take an oath on the invincible Rāma, who is broad minded and who is best among all those who live and so please tell me what your mind desires?" 11.6

"Ok Kaikeyi, I cannot live even for a moment without seeing Rāma and as per your words, I take an oath." 11.7

"Oh Kaikeyi, I would choose Rāma, the best among men, more than me or my other sons and I am taking an oath on him." 11.8

"Oh lady with great virtue, my heart is sinking and so Oh Kaikeyi touch me and lit my heart up and after you consider well, please tell me what you want?" 11.9

"You know your strength on my mind and there is no need for any doubt about it. I swear on my merits that I will do whatever you want." 11.10

That lady who was intent on fulfilling her wish, expressed her wish using very harsh words and without giving any alternative solution. 11.11

Becoming greatly happy by his words, she spoke about her wish which is highly dreadful and which had come in her mind like the God of death." 11.12

"You have been repeatedly taking an oath that you will fulfil my wish and let the thirty three gods lead by the fire God listen to it." 11.13

"Let the moon, the sun, the sky, all the planets, night as well as day, the ten directions, the entire world with all Gandharvas, Rākṣasas, the ghosts who move around at night, the home gods in all homes and all other beings, know the words of your promise." 11.14-11.15

"Let all the gods hear that the truthful, greatly lustrous, votary of Dharma and the well composed Daśaratha is granting me his word." 11.16

That Lady after flattering the great archer Daśaratha like this and spoke like this to the passion filled giver of boons." 11.17

"Ok king, remember the battle between Devas and Asuras which took place long ago and there the enemy destroyed your everything except your life." 11.18

"Oh God like person, you conferred on me two boons when I rescued you as I made great efforts with alertness to save you." 11.19

"Oh king, Oh lord wedded to truth, oh god, now I am seeking those boons which were left with you, to be demanded when I want them." 11.20

"Thus bound by dharma, if you do not give me those boons, insulted by you, I would give up my life immediately." 11.21

Thus that Kaikeyi made the king in to her power by the arrow of words and the king entered in to the trap laid by her like a deer walking in to the trap. 11.22

After wards she spoke to the king who was caught in passion and who was also the giver of boons "Oh God, now I will ask for those boons which you had given me earlier and Oh king, I will ask them now, please hear." 11.23

"Arrangements have been already made for the coronation of Rāma and with these materials you now conduct the coronation of Bhārata." 11.24

"Oh God, you have also given me a second boon, pleased with me, in the war between devas and asuras and time has come to ask that also." 11.25

"Rāma like a saint should live for fourteen years in the Daṇḍaka forest clad in bark of wood or skin of deer and wearing a matted hair." 11.26

"Let Bhārata enjoy the position of Yuvarāja without any thorns to trouble him and this is my great desire and please grant it. I want to see Rāma departing to the forest today itself." 11.27-11.28

"Oh king of kings, become the protector of truth and protect your clan, character and birth. Those whose wealth is penance are saying that only telling of truth will ensure you great welfare in the other world." 11.29

This is the end of Eleventh Sarga of Ayodhyā Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.