Rāmāyana |Ayodhyā Kaṇḍa| Chapter 107

107. Rāma Tries to Convince Bhārata

[Rāma reminds that Daśaratha had promised the kingdom as bride price while marrying Kaikeyi. Then he tells the two boons which were promised to Kaikeyi. He says that it is the duty of Rāma and Bhārata to follow the words of father.]

The great and well recognized elder brother of Lakṣmaṇa who was sitting in the middle of his relations again addressed Bhārata and spoke. 107.1

"The words that you have spoken to me are befitting of a son born to Daśaratha, the great king and Kaikeyi." 107.2

"Oh dear brother, when our father married your mother at that time of the marriage he had promised your maternal grandfather the great kingdom as a bride price." 107.3

"Thereafter in the war between devas and asuras, please and delighted by your mother he had promised to give her boons." 107.4

"Oh tiger among men, thereafter your illustrious and fair complexioned mother after taking an oath from the great king, demanded the kingdom for you and banishment for me as the two boons and the king gave those boons as he was bound by the agreement." 107.5-107.6

"Oh best among men, your father has ordered me to live in the forest for fourteen years as per the granting of the boon." 107.7

"So I have reached this unrivalled forest without people along with Lakṣmaṇa and Sītā, truthful to his words." 107.8

"Likewise you also get yourself crowned as king to make our father truthful as fast as possible, oh great king." 107.9

"For my sake, make our father who is a lord and the follower of Dharma, free from his debts and make my mother happy." 107.10

"I have heard earlier from my father, that the illustrious king of Gaya, while performing sacrifice there has told a Vedic hymn as follows." 107.11

"The son saves the father from the hell known as Puth and protects his manes forever and that is why a son is called Putra". 107.12

"So one should desire for many virtuous and learned sons so that at least one of them might go to Gaya and perform the sacrifice for manes." 107.13

"This is what has been followed by all royal sages, oh son of a king and so oh lord, oh best among men, so you go and protect our father from hell." 107.14

"Oh valorous Bhārata, go to Ayodhyā along with Śatrughna and with the Brahmins and rule and keep the citizens happy." 107.15

"Without any further delay I will also be entering the Daṇḍaka forest along with Lakṣmaṇa and Sītā." 107.16

"Oh Bhārata you become the king of human beings and so go to the great city with a mind of joy. I would become the king of animals of the wild forest and shall enter the Daṇḍaka forest with a pleased mind." 107.17

"Oh Bhārata, let an umbrella spread over your head and repel the harsh rays of the sun and I shall happily seek, the dense shade of these would land trees and be pleasant." 107.18

"Oh Bhārata, let Śatrughna with a very sharp intelligence be your companion and Lakṣmaṇa would be my best friend and let all the four of us prove that we are worthy sons of Daśaratha and that he is established in truth." 107.19

This is the end of One Hundred and Seventh Sarga of Ayodhyā Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.