Rāmāyana |Ayodhyā Kaṇḍa| Chapter 104

104. Rāma Advises Bhārata

[Rāma asks Bhārata, the reason why he has come to the forest wearing matted locks. Bhārata replies that his mother is a bad woman. Rāma chastises Bhārata for saying that and refuses to come back from the forest.]

After Rāma consoled Bhārata who is liked by elders, he along with Lakṣmaṇa began to ask Bhārata. 104.1

"For what reason have you come to this region, dressed in deer skin and wearing matted locks? I would like to hear it from you?" 104.2

"For what reason have you left the kingdom and come to this place wearing deer skin and with matted locks? It is proper for you to tell me about it." 104.3

When the great son of Kākutstha clan asked like this to Bhārata, the son of Kaikeyi, saluted him and held Rāma tightly and told. 104.4

"Oh Rāma, our very strong father having done an undesirable act of banishing you went to heaven due to the sorrow of parting with his son." 104.5

"Oh trouble giver to enemies, he did this great sin which destroyed his reputation because of the instigation of a women, who is Kaikeyi, my mother." 104.6

"She who has become a widow, having not able to get the kingdom, she is under the grip of sorrow and she who is my mother would fall in the most terrible hell." 104.7

"It is only proper for you to do a favour to me who is your slave, by getting yourself crowned as king like Indra." 104.8

"Your subjects as well as all your mothers have reached very near to you and so it is proper that you do this favour to me." 104.9

"Oh giver of honour, I feel that it is only proper for succession and request you take the kingdom as per the wish of your friends and elders." 104.10

"Let this entire earth adopt you as its lord and stop being a widow, like the night of autumn becoming bright by getting a full moon." 104.11

"I am begging you along with my ministers with heads bowed and it is only proper for you to favour me, who is your brother, disciple as well as slave." 104.12

"Oh tiger among men, it is not proper for you not to agree with all your subjects and please adopt the rules of our heritage which is permanent." 104.13

That son of Kaikeyi after telling this with tears in his eyes, again according to tradition held the feet of Rāma. 104.14

Rāma hugged his brother who was taking deep breaths again and again like an elephant in rut and told him. 104.15

"How can you who belongs to a noble family and who is energetic, powerful and adherent to his own vows, commit a sin for the sake of kingdom?" 104.16

"I do not find even the slightest fault in you, oh destroyer of enemies but is in not proper for you out of childishness to find fault with your mother." 104.17

"Oh very intelligent one, Oh matchless one, it is laid down that, elders can act as per their will in relation to their wives and children." 104.18

"Oh gentle natured one, in this world good people have treated their wives, sons and disciples as virtuous people and so it is only proper that you feel that Daśaratha also did like that." 104.19

"Oh gentle natured one, only Daśaratha is competent to decide whether I should live in the forest wearing a deer skin or become a king and rule over the kingdom." 104.20

"Oh follower of Dharma, our father has been revered in this world by those who know Dharma and similar reverence also should be shown to our mothers." 104.21

"Oh Bhārata I have been asked to go to the forest by our mother and father who both have the character of Dharma and except obeying them, what else should I do?" 104.22

"You should go and rule the kingdom of Ayodhyā being respected by this world and I should live in the Daṇḍaka forest wearing cloths of bark." 104.23

"The great king only after apportioning it like this in front of the people and commanding us, have gone to the heaven." 104.24

"The portion that has been given to us by that king who followed Dharma and who is much respected by the world, is final and so you shall enjoy your share." 104.25

"Oh gentle natured one, as told by our great father I would live in the Daṇḍaka forest for fourteen years and enjoy it." 104.26

"Whatever has been told by my father who was a great soul, who was honoured by all the world, who is equal to the wise king of devas is regarded by me as the ultimate and the desire of the king of the world should not be disregarded." 104.27

This is the end of One Hundred and Fourth Sarga of Ayodhyā Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.