Rāmāyana | Ayodhyā Kaṇḍa | Chapter 10

10. Daśaratha Consoles Kaikeyi

[Daśaratha is shocked to see his young wife in the room of anger. He promises that he would fulfil all her wishes as she is dear to him. Kaikeyi gets hope.]

That lady misled by the very sinful hunchback lay down on earth like a Kinnara woman hit by a poisoned arrow. 10.1

After making up her mind extremely well, that pretty, very skilful lady, told everything slowly to Mandāra. 10.2

After hearing the world that dejected pretty lady having made up her mind breathed long hot breath thought for some time and determined ways, which will lead her to happiness. 10.3

That Mandāra who was aiming for her own benefit, heard the queen's firm decision, became very happy and felt as if she has succeeded. 10.4

That very angry lady greatly angry and with a face knitted, with great determination lay down on the floor. 10.5

That Kaikeyi then threw the colourful garlands and divine ornaments and they reached the floor. 10.6

The garlands and ornaments which were thrown away by her was making the earth shine like the stars in the sky. 10.7

She was lying down on the floor of the house of anger with dirty cloths and tying a single braid like a kinnara woman. 10.8

After passing various orders regarding the coronation, the king took leave of those present and entered his home. 10.9

King Daśaratha who had his senses under control, though thinking that news of Rāma's coronation was known to everybody entered his private apartments so that he can communicate the good news to her, who merited his love. 10.10

He who was very famous went to the home of Kaikeyi like a moon accompanied by Rahu on a white sky. 10.11

Daśaratha entered his inner apartment resembling heaven which was filled with parrots and peacocks, filled with the sound of swans and kinnara birds, filled with music from musical instruments, with hunchbacks and dwarfs moving here and there, blessed with Champaka, Asoka trees and houses of creepers, picture galleries, with stages decorated by gold, silver and ivory, filled with trees yielding flowers and fruits daily, Water tanks decorated by gold, silver and ivory, Excellent seats various kinds of food and drinks, various kinds of other eatables and with expensive decorations but did not see his beloved wife Kaikeyi on the excellent bed. 10.12-10.16

That passionate king seeking sexual pleasure not seeing his beloved wife was dejected and enquired with great depression. 10.17

Previously Kaikeyi was never missing at that time and the king had never before entered an empty apartment. 10.18

The king having reached the apartment without knowing the whereabouts of foolish Kaikeyi who was seeking selfish interest, as usual enquired. 10.19

Then the trembling door keeper bowing with folded hands told him, "Oh Lord, lady was in great wrath and went speedily towards the room of anger." 10.20

The king hearing the words of the door keeper became more agitated and due to his passionate frame of mind again became sad. 10.21

Then he saw her in the room of anger lying in an improper way and felt that she was feeling great sorrow. 10.22

That sinless old man, regarded his youthful wife with sinful intentions, much greater than his own life and she looked like a severed creeping plant and also like a goddess as well as kinnara lady who has fallen on earth and she also looked to him like an Apsarā maiden who has slipped in to earth and like a broken down illusion and like a female deer which was tied down. 10.23-10.25

Then Daśaratha touched her like a giant elephant touching a she elephant which has fallen down due to a poisonous arrow. 10.26

That passionate one who was completely shattered due to his fear, touched that lotus eyed lady and spoke to her with great humility. 10.27

"Oh lady of auspicious qualities, I never knew that you were angry with me. Who has cursed you? Who has insulted you? I am immensely sad that you are resting on this dirty floor." 10.28

"When I have mind favourable to you, why are lying down like this on the floor like one possessed by the devil and causing me great sorrow? 10.29

"If you are not feeling well, there are skilled doctors who are being praised everywhere who can make you healthy and so please tell your sickness." 10.30

"To whom do you want to favour? Who has done something which is not liked by you? To whom should I show a favour and to whom should I do offense?" 10.31

"Oh great lady, do not weep nor make your body dehydrated? If you tell me, I shall kill a person who does not merit to be killed and release a person who merits to be killed. I shall make a poor man wealthy and a rich man a beggar." 10.32-10.33

"I and all people under my control would obey you and I do not want to even a little thing which is not liked by you." 10.34

"Tell me anything which you like and I would get it done even losing my soul and you know me so well that you would not have any doubt in that. I take an oath on Dharma that I would do whatever you like." 10.35

"My earth is as long as the extent my chariot can go. The eastern countries of Sindhu, Sauvīra and Saurāṣṭra, all the southern countries. The countries like Anga, Vanga, Magadha, Matsya and the prosperous Kasi and Kosala are under my control." 10.36-10.37

In those countries are produced wealth, grains, animal products and which of those do you want to acquire, Oh Kaikeyi?" 10.38

"Oh coward, what is the need for all these exertion and please get up, Oh pretty one. Oh Kaikeyi tell me the source of your fear. I shall remove them forthwith like a sun removes the mist." 10.39

Consoled by the words spoken by him, she was getting prepared to tell words he may not like and she started harassing her husband further." 10.40

This is the end of Tenth Sarga of Ayodhyā Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.