Rāmāyana | Āraṇya Kaṇḍa | Chapter 72

72. Kabandha's Request to Rāma

[Kabandha tells them to go and Sugrīva in the banks of Pampa. He said that if Rāma signs a treaty with him, then he would help Rāma to recover Sītā. He also assures that Sītā has not been harmed.]

After Kabandha told like this, those valorous kings after reaching to a mountain cave along with Kabandha set fire to the body. 72.1

Lakṣmaṇa himself with big wooden torches lighted the funeral pyre from all directions and started burning in all places. 72.2

That body of Kabandha was like a great and big ball of ghee and when the body was lighted by the body's fat, fire slowly started to consume the body. 72.3

That strong Kabandha wearing unsoiled pair of cloths and divine garland rose from the funeral pyre after shaking it and Kabandha shined like a smokeless fire. 72.4

Then he happily came out from the pyre speedily wearing clean cloths and ornaments all over his body. 72.5

Sitting on a shining aero plane drawn by the swans with his lustre he illuminated all the ten directions. That Kabandha who had gone to the sky said the following to Rāma. "Hear me, I will tell you about the method of getting back Sītā." 72.6-72.7

"Oh Rāma, there are six methods to achieve anything. Any one suffering bad luck would be helped by another one suffering bad luck." 72.8

"Oh Rāma, You and Lakṣmaṇa are now going through a bad patch and due to abduction of your wife and her possible ill treatment sorrow has come to you." 72.9

"Oh best friend, for achieving that matter you should make friends with him and in spite of thinking, I do not find any method for you to achieve what you want." 72.10

"Please hear from me Rāma. He is a monkey called Sugrīva and had to abandon his kingdom due to anger of Vali, who is the son of Devendra." 72.11

"He who is greatly self-respecting and valorous lives in the slope of a mountain called Riṣyamūka in a pretty palace near the river Pampa, along with four of his friends." 72.12

"That king of monkeys, is greatly valorous, has great splendour, very brilliant, a teller of truth, very intelligent, blessed with humility, firm and great." 72.13

"He is efficient, brave, lustrous, mighty, heroic and very strong and has been banished by his brother for the sake of the kingdom." 72.14

"He will help you as a friend who would be interested in your welfare, in finding out Sītā and so do not indulge mind in sorrow." 72.15

"Oh tiger of the Ikshvāku clan, whatever is going to happen cannot be made to happen in a different manner and it is not possible to act against time." 72.16

"Oh Rāma, from here go quickly to meet the very strong Sugrīva and after going there make him quickly as your friend and make a treaty without any ill will in the presence of fire." 72.17

"You should not insult Sugrīva, who is the king of monkeys as he would be grateful, take any form he wishes, valorous, greatly strong and would be a seeker of your help." 72.18

"You are both young and strong enough and you can fulfil his work. Whether he is grateful or ungrateful, he will do your work." 72.19

"He is the legal son of Riksharajas and the Sun god and he is wandering in the banks of Pampa suspecting danger from Vali who is his enemy." 72.20

"Keeping your weapons ready go to Riṣyamūka mountain which is the residence of the monkeys and make that monkey who lives in forest as your true friend." 72.21

"That elephant among monkeys very clearly knows all those places occupied people who eat the flesh of man and so go with tact and meet him." 72.22

"Oh Rāma, Oh killer of enemies, There is not even a small thing that is unknown to him in this world, where the sun shines." 72.23

"He with the help of his monkeys will search all over rivers, big mountains, mountain caves, caves and they will find out your wife." 72.24

"Oh Rāghava, he will send monkeys with very big body to search in all directions, your Sītā who must be sorrowing due to parting with you and find that blessed lady who is pure in the house of Rāvaṇa." 72-25-72.26

"That prominent among the monkeys would find your blameless wife, even if she is on the top of Meru mountain or whether she is in the nether world by going there and after killing the Rākṣasas they will restore her to you." 72.27

This is the end of Seventy Second Sarga of Āraṇya Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.