Rāmāyana | Āraṇya Kaṇḍa | Chapter 65

65. Lakṣmaṇa's Advice to Rāma

[Lakṣmaṇa tells Rāma that his anger should be against the one who abducted his wife and not against the whole world. He tells him this is wrong. He advices Rāma to do further search.]

Rāma, who was deeply pained by the abduction of Sītā, was burning like fire at the time of deluge and wanting to destroy the entire world, was taking difficult breaths again and again and looked like Lord Shiva getting ready to destroy all worlds at the end of all Yugas. Seeing Rāma angry and in a never before form, Lakṣmaṇa saluted him first and told him with his mouth dried up. 65.1-65.3

Previously you were gentle, self-restrained and used to wish for the welfare of all beings. I think that you should not become a slave to anger and start thinking as earlier." 65.4

"The shining in case of moon, Sun and wealth, the blowing in case of wind, and patience in case of earth has always been present and like that your fame rests only on yourself.," 65.5

"How can you destroy the world for sake of mistake committed by one person? You do not know who is responsible for breaking the Chariot used in war and also do not know for what reason it was broken?" 65.6

"Oh prince, this place is damaged by hooves of horses and chariots and there drops of blood all over and so it appears that a great battle was fought here." 65.7

"Oh Rāma, who is best among those who speak and this war appears to be fought with only one person present as the footprints of the second are not visible." 65.8

"It is not proper for just one person to destroy the world and the lords of earth should be soft, peaceful and punish only if there is proper reason." 65.9

"You are the source of protection of al beings and their ultimate destination and who will think that loosing of one's wife is desirable?" 65.10

"The rivers, the sea, the mountains, Devas, Gandharvas and Dānavas are also good people and are not capable of doing harm to you like the people who observe religious vows." 65.11

"Oh king, it is proper for you to search for that person who abducted Sītā followed by me armed with bows and arrows and helped by other great sages." 65.12

"We will search in sea, mountains, forests, caves and many terrible rivers and lotus ponds." 65.13

"Relentlessly we will search also in the world of Devas and Gandharvas for the one who abducted your wife, till we find the one who abducted her." 65.14

"Oh Lord of Kosala, if the Gods do not return your wife with a gentle request, then at the right time we would take suitable action." 65.15

"Oh king, if you are not able to get back Sītā by sincerity, simplicity, humility and diplomacy, then destroy them with your arrows, decorated by gold which are like Vajra of that great Indra. 65.16

This is the end of Sixty Fifth Sarga of Āraṇya Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.