Rāmāyana | Āraṇya Kaṇḍa | Chapter 63

63. Rāma is Upset

[Rāma is upset and imagines many horrifying things that could have happened to Sītā and is greatly upset. Though Lakṣmaṇa tries to console him, he is not able to.]

That prince without his darling was attacked by sorrow and delusion. Due to his grief and nervousness, his brother became dismayed and sunk in grief. 63.1

Seeing brother Rāma drowned in intense sorrow seeing that Lakṣmaṇa who himself was attacked with great grief, after taking a deep breath Rāma told these words which were in tune with his sorrow. 63.2

"In this world no one has done as much bad deeds as me and I do not think there is a second one. Sorrow after sorrow is coming to break my heart and mind is shattered." 63.3

"Earlier I have sinful deeds as per my wish and as a consequence of that. I am suffering from sorrow after sorrow." 63.4

"Oh Lakṣmaṇa, loss of the kingdom, separation from relatives, death of the father, separation from mother all these constituted the fast progression of sorrow in a greater measure." 63.5

"Oh Lakṣmaṇa all my sorrows were pacified after coming to this empty and peaceful forest and due to separation of Sītā, they have again started like a big flame starting from pieces of dry wood." 63.6

"That coward princess of mine would have wept when she is being taken over the sky by the Rākṣasa and she must have wept and shrieked in a loud tone." 63.7

"The red coloured skin of that lady who is pleasing to look due to application of good paste of sandal on her circular breasts, must have been now drenched in blood and not pleasing to look at." 63.8

"Her sweet, very clear and soft face and her prattling as well as her curly plaited hair, would not be shining now, after getting in to the clutches of Rākṣasa just like the moon caught by Rāhu." 63.9

"The neck of my very well behaved beloved ornamented by a pearl chain, would have broken by the Rākṣasas in an isolated place so that they can drink her blood." 63.10

"When the Rākṣasas dragged her with a magnetic eyes when she is left alone in a solitary forest without me, she would have cried like a piteous she dove." 63.11

"Earlier that charitable one with a magnetic smile sitting along with me on this rock, used to talk many words teasing and making fun of you." 63.12

"The river Godavari has been always liked by my beloved very-very much and I think she might have gone there but no. She will not go there alone without me." 63.13

"Sītā with a lotus like face and who has lotus like broad eyes should have gone to get lotus flowers and even that is not possible since she has never gone there without me." 63.14

"She could have gone the thicket of many bloomed trees of several types in the forest inhabited by flocks of birds and even that is not possible since she is a coward and would be scared to go there alone." 63.15

"The Sun god knows all that is done by everyone being a witness of truth and falsehood of people and so Oh Sun god please tell me whether my darling has gone somewhere or has she been eaten by somebody as I am at all times sad." 63.16

"Oh wind god, there is no place in the world, where you are not there and there is nothing that you do not know and so please tell me whether that lady of a great heritage has been killed or died on the way or is she alive." 63.17

Like this with the body grieving a lot, Rāma who was weeping lost his consciousness and Lakṣmaṇa who is great fortitude and stable spoke these words which were relevant. 63.18

"Oh gentle brother, give up this sorrow and adopt stability and with enthusiasm start searching again, because only men with enthusiasm are able to very difficult jobs." 63.19

These words of Lakṣmaṇa who had manly prowess were not bothered about by the one who contributed greatness to Raghu clan and he further lost his stability and was overtaken by great sorrow. 63.20

This is the end of Sixty Third Sarga of Āraṇya Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.