Rāmāyana | Āraṇya Kaṇḍa | Chapter 62

62. Rāma in Sorrow

[Rāma decides that Sītā is no more and as he does not have any wish to live, requests Lakṣmaṇa to go back to Ayodhya.]

That mind of the soul of Dharma, not being able to Sītā was filled with sorrow and that lotus eyed Rāma who was a greatly valorous one wailed. 62.1

That Rāma, who was caught in love, though he was not seeing Sītā, wept as if he is seeing Sītā and told the following words which he found difficult to speak. 62.2

"Oh darling, youm being a lover of flowers, are covering your body with the branches of Asoka tree and increasing my sorrow." 62.3

"Oh lady, I am seeing both your thighs which look like Banana stem, hidden by the Banana plant and I do not think you have power to hide from me." 62.4

"Oh auspicious lady, you are wandering in the Karṇikāra forest laughing and you are causing me by teasing me. Please stop it." 62.5

"Oh darling Sītā, what is the point of making fun of me when I am tired and such a teasing by you is not liked by me now." 62.6

"The making fun in the place of the hermitage is not liked by me, though I know well that you love to tease people. Oh broad eyed one, please come back as our home is empty." 62.7

"Oh Lakṣmaṇa, it is very clear to me Rākṣasas have either eaten or abducted her for even when I am weeping she is not coming to me." 62.8

"Oh Lakṣmaṇa these herds of deer with their eye full of tears, look like telling me that Sītā has been eaten away by Rākṣasas." 62.9

'Oh lady, who is pleasant of auspicious colour, where have you gone? I feel that the desire of Devi Kaikeyi would be fulfilled now." 62.10

"I have come along with Sītā and how can I return without Sītā again to the empty private apartments of mine?" 62.11

"Without kindness the world will tell that I lack valour and due to abduction of Sītā, I will be called a timid man." 62.12

"After my stay in the forest is over, Janaka, the king of Mithilā, would definitely enquire about my welfare. And how can I face him then?" 62.13

"When the king of Videha sees me without my wife, due to the love for his daughter, he would be upset and would be attacked by delusion." 62.14

"Or I will not go to the city ruled by Bhārata, for even the heaven would be empty for me without Sītā." 62.15

"Leaving me here you go back to the auspicious city of Ayodhyā. For without Sītā with me, I will not even live for a moment." 62.16

"After going there embrace Bhārata tightly and tell my words, "Rāma has permitted you to rule the entire earth." 62.17

"My mother Kausalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitrā your mother should be saluted by you as per my order and they all should be protected by you with great effort." 62.18-62.19

"Oh Lakṣmaṇa, who punishes his enemy. you should explain in detail to my mother the loss of Sītā as well as me and make her understand it." 62.20

When Rāma who was piteous wept like this after coming the forest about that lady with pretty hair, Lakṣmaṇa's face was filled with great fear and he became greatly perturbed and very sad. 62.21

This is the end of Sixty Second Sarga of Āraṇya Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.