Rāmāyana | Āraṇya Kaṇḍa | Chapter 60

60. Rāma Wails for Sītā

[Rāma in inconsolable. He searches for Sītā everywhere and is greatly upset by the thought that Sītā might have been eaten by a Rākṣasa.]

When Rāma was moving about, his left eye throbbed excessively underneath and he stumbled and started shivering. 60.1

After noticing the bad omens which were not auspicious again and again he thoughtfully aid, "Oh Sītā are you all right?" 60.2

So he went speedily with a desire to see Sītā and seeing there the empty hermitage was greatly broken hearted. 60.3

That son of Raghu clan ran through the cottage throwing things here and there and after seeing all around and saw that the hermitage was empty of Sītā and it looked like an ugly lotus pond without beauty. 60.4-60.5

The trees looked as if they were crying, flowers, animal and birds looked dull and looked without beauty and were scattered here and there, the forest gods had gone away and hermitage looked empty with scatted deer skins, grass cushions and straw mats and was desolate and seeing that original place Rāma wept again and again. 60.6-60.7

"Sītā might have been abducted or might have died or she must have been eaten up or that coward must be hiding in the forest." 60.8

"Or she might have gone to pluck flowers or collect fruits or that pretty lady might have gone to the river to collect water." 60.9

He searched all over the for his beloved in the forest but could not find her and he appeared with red eyes due to grief and mad due to sorrow. 60.10

He ran from tree to tree, mountain to mountain and from river to river and wept and remained immersed in sorrow. 60.11

"Oh dear Kadamba tree did you see her who loved Kadamba trees, and if you know please tell me and beloved and gracious tree." 60.12

"Oh Bilva tree, did you see a lady whose breasts are like Bilva fruits, who was dressed in yellow silk and was shivering like tender leaf?" 60.13

Oh Arjuna tree, if you know the whereabouts of the beloved of mine, who is a lover of Arjuna tree, who is timid daughter of king Janaka, please tell me." 60.14

"Oh Kakubha tree which is rich with tender leaves and flowers, do you know where Maithili who has a thigh like Kakubha stem is alive or dead?" 60.15

"This great Tilaka tree, whose glory is sung by the bees, it is clear knows about Sītā, who is a lover of Tilaka trees.," 60.16

"Oh Asoka tree who is the dispeller of sorrow, you make the man who has, a heart suffering from sorrow, by your name [Asoka-no sorrow] and show me quickly my dear one." 60.17

"Oh Palmyra tree, have you seen her who has breasts like ripe fruits of a Palmyra tree and if so take mercy on me and tell me where that blessed lady is?" 60.18

"Oh Jambu tree, have you seen my beloved whose body shines like Jambu fruit? If you know where my darling is, tell me without hesitation." 60.19

"Oh Karṇikāra tree who has excessive fruits and flowers, please tell me if you have seen my good wife who is the lover of Karṇikāra trees." 60.20

Rāma of great fame enquired of Mango trees, Kadamba trees, Sāla trees, Jack fruit trees, trees with white flowers, Pomegranates, Jasmines, Mādhavi and, Champaka trees, as well as Ketakī trees going near them and seeing, wandering in confusion, looked like a mad man. 60.21-60.22

"Oh deer, do you know Maithili who has deer like eyes and who used to look at deer with great love, may be found along with female deer." 60.23

"Oh elephant, if you have seen her whose thighs are like elephant trunk and who is known to you, please do tell me." 60.24

"Oh tiger, if have seen by darling Maithili who has a moon like face, with confidence tell me without fear." 60.25

"Oh darling, I see you at a distance and why are you running away? Why are you hiding behind the trees and not talking to me." 60.26

"On blessed lady, stop, stop there, don't you have a pity towards me? How did you who are very fond of teasing me, desert me now?" 60.27

"Oh lady with a blessed colour, the yellow colour of your silk apparel is indicating your presence here. Why are you running away? Please stop because of my love towards you." 60.28

"Oh lady with a pretty smile, I hope that you have not been troubled and hurt and you should not have left me and gone away when I am suffering." 60.29

"I am lovelorn for you, young lady and I feel the flesh eating Rākṣasas have torn you to pieces and have eaten you." 60.30

"With pretty teeth, beautiful nose, pretty ear globes she has a face like full moon but which due to being eclipsed has lost all its lustre." 60.31

"She has an auspicious and delicate neck of the colour of Champaka flower which is decorated by ornaments and possibly when she was crying helplessly it was eaten away." 60.32

She has arms which are delicate which are like tender leaves and adorned with bangles and bracelets and possibly, with tips of arm quivering they were severed and eaten up." 60.33

"That young one, who has many friends and relations, after being separated by me has been picked by a Rākṣasa for food and has left half eaten." 60.34

"Oh valorous Lakṣmaṇa, are you able to see Sītā anywhere? Oh darling where have gone away, Oh Sītā" like this again and again Rāma called out. 60.35

Keeping on telling like this he wandered all around the forest, some places walking with speed and yet in other places walking up and yet other places, he collected all his strength and walked fast. Thus he was seen searching Sītā like a mad man. 60.36

He walked and rushed without stability in the forests, rivers, hills, streams, mountains and dense forest. 60.37

Rāma wandered all around the great forest, searching for his Maithili and without giving hope of finding her, he again put in supreme efforts to search her. 60.38

This is the end of Sixtieth Sarga of Āraṇya Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.