Rāmāyana | Āraṇya Kaṇḍa | Chapter 55

55. Rāvaṇa's Attempt to Convince Sītā

[Rāvaṇa shows Sītā round his palace and tells her about the invincibility of Lanka. He tells her to forget Rāma, who can never reach there. He tells her to enjoy life with him as his chief wife.]

Rāvaṇa after sending those eight horrifying Rākṣasas who has great strength, due to his perverted thought process felt like an accomplished man. 55.1

He who has been hit by the arrow of the love God started thinking about Vaidehī and so hastened to Sītā in that beautiful home. 55.2

Then that Rāvaṇa who was the king of Rākṣasas entered his home and saw the greatly sorrowing Sītā in between the Rākṣasīs. 55.3

Piteous, face full of tears, weighed down by burden of sorrow, sinking like a boat overpowered by a gust of wind, who was like a single deer separated from the pack, by hounds surrounding them, and head bent down, that Sītā was approached by the Rākṣasa was shown his house which was equal to the house of devas, though she was pathetic and full of grief. 55.4-55.6

His home was a complex of palaces and mansions served by thousands of women and, abode of flocks of birds of different kinds, with delightful looking pillars studded with gold, crystals, silver diamonds and precious stones, wonderful sounding drums and glittering golden entrances. 55.7-55.8

Rāvaṇa climbed the wonderfully pretty golden staircase along with her. The mansion there was covered by golden trellis and had windows made of silver looked great. 55.9-55.10

That ten headed one showed Maithili his own house with floor which was plastered with white coloured gems and crystals. 55.11

Rāvaṇa showed her who was greatly sorrowing, wells with steps which was surrounded by trees as well as lotus tanks. 55.12

After showing Vaidehī the great house completely, with a desire to allure Sītā, that soul of sin told the following words. 55.13

"Oh leaving out the old people and children, I am the lord of ten crores of Rākṣasas, all of whom are great workers apart from another twenty crores." 55.14

"Only for me there are thousand attendants. I would place all of them as well as diplomacy of ruling the country are under your control. Oh Broad eyed one I consider you greater than my life." 55.15- 55.16

"Several thousands of women are married to me and you would be god to them being my wife who is dearest to me." 55.17

"Why do you have a different mind? Please take interest in my words and you should show pity to me who is burning out of desire for you." 55.18

"Limited by the ocean this Lanka is two hundred miles in length and this cannot be attacked by Indra or devas or asuras." 55.19

"Among devas, Yakṣas, Gandharvas and birds, I do not see any one equal in prowess to me."55.20

"What will you do with Rāma, who is a human being with less lustre, who has been banished from his country, who is pitiable and short lived." 55.21

"Oh Sītā, give your hand to me and I will be a good husband to you. Oh coward, youth is of short duration and so enjoy it with me." 55.22

"Oh blessed one, give up the idea of seeing Rāghava gain, for does he have the power to reach this place physically or even mentally" 55.23

"It is not possible to tie with a rope the wind which is blowing in the sky with speed and it is not possible to catch the top of the flame of burning fire." 55.24

"Oh pretty one, I do not see any one in the three worlds to take you by his valour as you are being protected by my shoulders." 55.25

"You please rule over this very great kingdom of Lanka and you would be attended by me as well as all devas and all moving and not moving beings." 55.26

"Once you are consecrated, be contended and keep me entertained. All the effects of bad deeds done by you have been washed out by your stay in the forest and now enjoy the fruits of Dharma that you have done." 55.27

"Oh Maithili along with me, put all the garlands and divine fragrances and all important ornaments." 55.28

"Oh charming lady, I have won over from my brother Vaiśravaṇa, a strong aero plane called Pushpaka, which shines like the Sun." 55.29

"That matchless aero plane is very broad and pretty and in that you can roam about happily along with me." 55.30

"Oh blessed lady, your face looks like lotus, is pure and pretty to look at but is not having a shine because of your sorrow." 55.31

When he was talking like this Sītā covered her moon like with her cloth and cried making her face wet with tears. 55.32

Rāvaṇa that sinner who was the king of Rākṣasas seeing her miserable situation in which she was thoughtful and worrying, again told her. 55.33

"Oh Vaidehī, there is no need to think that this would be against dharma as you have been lead in to this path by fate and this is acceptable to the sages." 55.34

"I am bending and bowing my head and touching your feet, quickly grant my desire and then I would become your slave." 55.35

"I have become desolate and have spoken these words with a dried throat and know that this Rāvaṇa has never bowed his head to a lady." 55.36

After the ten headed Rāvaṇa who had fallen in the clutches of death told like this to Maithili, the daughter of Janaka, he decided that Sītā will be his only." 55.37

This is the end of Fifty Fifth Sarga of Aranya Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.