Rāmāyana | Āraṇya Kaṇḍa | Chapter 54

54. Rāvaṇa Reaches Lanka with Sītā

[On the way seeing five monkeys sitting on a mountain top, Sītā ties her ornaments in her upper cloths and drops it amidst them. Rāvaṇa reaches Lanka along with Sītā. He asks Rākṣasīs to guard her and instructs eight Rākṣasas to go to Janasṭhāna and watch Rāma and report about Rāma's movements to him.]

That Vaidehī who was being taken away and not seeing any one to protect her saw five great monkeys standing on a mountain top. 54.1

In between them that broad eyed one dropped her auspicious ornaments tied in her silken upper cloth hoping that they would tell about this to Rāma. 54.2

The ten headed one speedily rushing did not realize that the cloth containing ornaments was thrown down by Sītā 54.3

Those tawny eyed great monkeys without blinking their eyes that broad eyed lady Sītā who was crying loudly and bitterly. 54.4

That king of Rākṣasas crossed the river Pampa and travelled towards Lanka carrying Vaidehī who was crying. 54.5

That Rāvaṇa carried her, who was his death with great joy, like one carrying a sharp fanged and highly poisonous female snake in his lap. 54.6

He speedily crossed like an arrow travelling over forests, rivers, mountains, lakes through the sky.54.7

After travelling some distance crossed the ocean which was a temple of Varuṇa, which was the abode of whales and crocodiles, which cannot be exhausted and which was the refuge of all waters. 54.8

Vaidehī who was being carried away was bewildered on seeing the abode of Varuṇa, which had whirling waves and which was obstructed by serpents and fishes. 54.9

Those Chāraṇas who were travelling through the sky along with accomplished sages seeing Rāvaṇa told, "This is your end." 54.10

That Rāvaṇa carrying Sītā who was turning round and round entered the city of Lanka without realizing that the pretty one was personification of his death. 54.11

Rāvaṇa passing the well-formed avenues of the city of Lanka, crossed many guarded gates of the palace and entered his private apartment. 54.12

Rāvaṇa left Sītā who was a lady who had dark side long glances and lost in sorrow and delusion there like the Asura Maya hid is illusory powers." 54.13

That Rāvaṇa ordered those horrible looking female ghosts that nobody should be allowed to see Sītā without his permission. 54.14

"Pearls, gems, gold, cloths, ornaments and whatever else she desires should be given to her as per my permission." 54.15

"Anyone who tells any word which is not even slightly liked by Vaidehī out of ignorance does not love his life." 54.16

That famous king of Rākṣasas after telling like this to the Rākṣasīs, came out and thought about what should be done and saw eight very valorous flesh eating Rākṣasas. 54.17-54.18

That valorous one, deluded due to the strength of his boons, praised those strong Rākṣasas and told them. 54.19

"Quickly go along with all sort of weapons to Janasṭhāna which is a place of death of Khara and also his former residing place." 54.20

"In That Janasṭhāna which does not have any Rākṣasas, completely depending on your strength and valour live without fear." 54.21

"My great army which was stationed there in Janasṭhāna, along with Khara and Dūṣaṇa was destroyed by the arrows of Rāma." 54.22

"In me due to my courage and anger there is great intolerance and enmity has been created against that Rāma." 54.23

"Due to my enmity I want to destroy those enemies in war and I would not get sleep without slaying them." 54.24

"I want now to kill Rāma who has killed Khara and Dūṣaṇa and then only I would be happy similar to a man not having wealth would not be happy till he gets it." 54.25

"Living at Janasṭhāna all of you, all of you please get me exact information as to what Rāma is doing." 54.26

"Let all Rākṣasas act with alertness while being there and your duty is to keep on trying to kill Rāma." 54.27

"I know about your strength from various battle fronts and that is the reason why you are being deputed to Janasṭhāna." 54.28

"Hearing those pleasing and meaningful words, those Rākṣasas saluted Rāvaṇa, left Lanka all together to Janasṭhāna without anybody seeing them." 54.29

Then Rāvaṇa, seeing Sītā and thinking about how he got her, became very happy, forgetting about the highest enmity he gained with Rāma and due to illusion rejoiced." 54.30

This is the end of Fifty Fourth Sarga of Āraṇya Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.