Rāmāyana | Āraṇya Kaṇḍa | Chapter 53

53. Sītā Reasons with Rāvaṇa

[Sītā tells Rāvaṇa that he has done a horrible act and would be killed for that.]

Seeing him flying to the sky that Maithili, the daughter of Janaka became very sad and greatly disturbed and became miserable due to intense fear. 53.1

That Sītā with red coloured eyes due to crying with fury, weeping in a very sad state told the king of Rākṣasas who had very big eyes. 53.2

"Oh mean Rāvaṇa, are you ashamed of what you have done? Knowing that I am separated from my husband, you have come and stolen me and are running away?" 53.3

"You being a bad soul, coward and wanting to abduct me, sent away my husband in the form of a deer." 53.4

"You have also killed this king of vultures, who was an old friend of my father in law and who wanted to protect me." 53.5

"Oh basest of the Rākṣasas, I have seen your valour now for you have not won me after announcing a war." 53.6

"After carrying out such an act, how is it that you are not ashamed, for you have abducted a lady when she is alone." 53.7

"You would be told as one who has done a debased act by all the world as you are cruel, unrighteous and one who boasts that he is brave." 53.8

"Fie upon your heroism and strength, about which you boasted. Your behaviour which caused sorrow to a family is condemnable by the world." 53.9

"What can be done now, as you are running away speedily, for even if you stay here for a moment, you would not be alive." 53.10

"If for a moment you fall in to the vision of the sons of the king, even if you are supported by all your army, you would not live for a moment." 53.11

"You would not be able to endure even a touch of their arrows, just like a bird cannot endure even a mere touch of forest fire." 53.12

"Oh Rāvaṇa, for your own well-being, it is only proper that you release me. If you do not, becoming greatly angry for your assaulting me, my husband and his brother would cause your destruction and so release me." 53.13

"Oh mean fellow, on the other hand if you due to your enterprise want to steal me with force, such a thought would become useless." 53.14

"Without seeing my god like husband, I would not hold on to my life for a long time in the custody of my enemy." 53.15

"At the time of death, man, he resorts to behaviour which is opposite to Normal and at that time you would be able to see or foresee what is good for your own self." 53.16

"Those who desire to die, will not see anything which is good for them. I am able to see around your neck, the noose of God of death." 53.17

"It is clear that you are not afraid of anything that causes fear and it is evident that you have started seeing golden trees." 53.18

"Oh Rāvaṇa you will be seeing the horrible river Vaitaraṇī [river of death] in which torrents of blood flows and you are also seeing the forest with trees having sword like leaves." 53.19

"You will see a silk cotton tree with flowers of golden colour with great Vaidūrya stones as leaves and will have sharp iron thorns there [sinners are made to hug this tree in hell.] 53.20

"Oh pitiless one, you will not be able to survive long after deceiving me in the guise of a great soul, like a man who has drunk poison." 53.21

"Oh Rāvaṇa, you have been tied by the noose of god of death which is difficult to remove. Where will you go to get safety from my husband?" 53.22

"Within a short time, without taking help from his brother, he has killed fourteen thousand Rākṣasas for Rāma is a strong man well versed in all weapons. How will such Rāma not kill you, who had stolen his wife?" 53.23-53.24

Vaidehī, who was in the grip of Rāghava, filled with fear and sorrow spoke many such harsh words and cried pathetically." 53.25

That pretty lady who was greatly helpless, who was talking lot and piteously crying was carried away by the sinner Rāvaṇa and he turned to her whose body was trembling. 53.26

This is the end of Fifty Third Sarga of Āraṇya Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.