Rāmāyana | Āraṇya Kaṇḍa | Chapter 51

51. Jatāyu and Rāvaṇa Fight

[Jatāyu destroys the chariot of Rāvaṇa during a great fight. Rāvaṇa who held Janaki left her and cut off the wings of Jatāyu. Janaki became sad as if her relative was dying.]

When his just opinions were told by Jatāyu, all the twenty eyes of Rāvaṇa shined like fire due to great anger. 51.1

The intolerant king of Rākṣasas with blood red eyes due to anger and with his bright gold ear globes jumped on the king of the birds. 51.2

The matchless fight between them in the forest was tumultuous and appeared like the clash between two black clouds brought about by a great wind. 51.3

Then a wonderful war took place between the vulture and the Rākṣasa appeared like a war between two winged mountain ranges of Malya. 51.4

Then that strong one rained reed shafts, sharp and exceedingly dreadful arrows as well as iron shafts at the vulture king. 51.5

Jatāyu, the vulture who was the king of birds endured the network of arrows as well as the missiles sent by Rāvaṇa. 51.6

That strong one and the great bird with his sharp nails as well as feet caused many wounds on the body of Rāvaṇa. 51.7

Then with great anger the ten headed one sent ten fierce darts all equal the rod of death, with a desire to hit his enemy. 51.8

He then released fully arrows of great strength which had sharp ends, whetted and sharp crescent shaped arrows which pierced the vulture. 51.9

Seeing Janaki with tears in her eyes sitting on the chariot, without bothering about the arrows of the Rākṣasa, Jatāyu attacked again. 51.10

That king of the birds who had great lustre broke with his feet the bow along with arrows which were encrusted with gems. 51.11

Flying in to great anger, he took another bow and started the rained arrows in hundreds and thousands. 51.12

The king of birds in the midst of those sea of arrows shone like a bird which has returned back to its nest. 51.13

He who has great power scattered all those arrows to a distance by his wings and by his feet he again broke the great bow. 51.14

That very brave king of birds who was shining like fire, using his wings broke in to pieces the shield of Rāvaṇa. 51.15

In that war the very powerful devils with a donkey face who were covered with gold and who were enriched with great speed were killed. 51.16

Then he broke the great chariot which was endowed with three pretty bamboo reeds, which could go wherever it desired, which was glowing like fire and decorated by gems and gold. 51.17

He then violently pulled down, the umbrella which was shining along with the fans along with those Rākṣasas who were holding them. 51.18

Again the powerful and glorious king of the birds with his beak cut off the huge head of the charioteer. 51.19

With his bow being broken without chariot, without horses and without the charioteer, holding Vaidehi on his lap that Rāvaṇa jumped on the ground. 51.20

Seeing Rāvaṇa fallen on the ground without his chariot, all the beings appreciated the king of vultures by saying "Great, Great." 51.21

Seeing the old king of the flock of birds, greatly tired due to the great fight, the happy Rāvaṇa took Vaidehī and flew in to the sky. 51.22

The king of vultures who had great lustre seeing the happy Rāvaṇa going away with the daughter of Janaka in his custody, flying up chased Rāvaṇa and after chasing him, he obstructed him and told. 51.23

"Sītā is the wife of Rāma whose arrows can hit like Vajra, which would lead to the destruction of all Rākṣasas, Oh foolish one." 51.24

"You are drinking like a thirsty man, this poisoned drink which will lead to the death of friends, relations, ministers army and all your allies." 51.25

"Those who do not know the consequences and one who does not have capacity of discrimination would be destroyed speedily and you would be destroyed quickly." 51.26

"You have been tied by the noose of God of death and how can you escape, like a fish caught in the fish hook after biting the bait." 51.27

"Oh Rāvaṇa those unassailable sons of Kākutstha dynasty will not any time condone, your entering that hermitage." 51.28

"Like a coward, you did not act which would be despised by the world for a valorous hero would not adopt the method of a thief." 51.29

"If you are a valorous hero in the battle field, wait for a moment, for Rāma will make you lie down dead like your brother Khara." 51.30

"Only when death is nearby a man would do such acts and you have undertaken this unrighteous act, for the destruction of your own soul." 51.31

"If sin is attached to an action which good man will undertake it, even if he happens to be the lord of the entire world and who was born himself?" 51.32

Jatāyu spoke these auspicious words to the Rākṣasa and then he fell on the back of the Rākṣasa with ten heads. 51.33

Jatāyu held Rāvaṇa and wounded him badly by using his nails and it was like the Mahout trying to calm down a mad elephant. 51.34

He who was having his claws, nails and beak as the only weapon wounded Rāvaṇa's back severely by using his beak and claws and he started to pluck off his hair. 51.35

Being exasperated again and again by that king of vultures, with intolerance rising in him, the Rākṣasa staggered to the right so that he can hit the vulture at his back. 51.36

Clutching Sītā on his left side securely, with great anger that aggrieved Rāvaṇa, quickly hit back at Jatāyu with his palm. 51.37

Jatāyu the lord of the birds and destroyer of his enemies using his beak outstripped Rāvaṇa and tore away his ten left arms [He was holding Vaidehī by his left hand] 51.38

Those ten arms which were torn off immediately appeared again, like the poisonous snakes coming out from their pits. 51.39

Then out of great anger Rāvaṇa threw away Sītā and hit the vulture king with all his hands and feet. 51.40

Then a battle took place for some time between those matchless heroes who were the chief of the Rākṣasas and the chief of the birds. 51.41

Rāvaṇa then took his sword and cut off the wings, sides and feet of Jatāyu, who was fighting for the sake of Rāma. 51.42

Due to that horrible act of Rāvaṇa, when his wings were cut off, that great vulture fell on the earth with very less life span left for him. 51.43

Seeing Jatāyu fallen down on the earth soaked in blood, Vaidehī ran near him like he was her own relative and became sad. 51.44

The king of Lanka saw Jatāyu who was shining like a blue cloud, who had white undersides and who was greatly valorous and appeared like a fire which had become peaceful. 51.45

Seeing him like a wingless chariot on the earth, felled there by the quick blows of Rāvaṇa, Sītā who had a face like a shining moon hugged him and then that daughter of Janaka started wailing. 51.46

This is the end of Fifty First Sarga of Āraṇya Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.