Rāmāyana | Āraṇya Kaṇḍa | Chapter 50

50. Jatāyu Advises Rāvaṇa

[Jatāyu who recognizes Rāvaṇa advises him to follow the path of Dharma and though he is very old gets ready to fight with Rāvaṇa.]

Jatāyu who was resting on the tree heard that sound and Saw quickly Rāvaṇa as also Sītā also. 50.1

That great bird who was like a flock of mountains and who had a sharp beak sitting on the top of the tree uttered these auspicious words. 50.2

"Oh ten headed one, I am Jatāyu, the mighty strong king of eagles, wedded to ancient Dharma as well as truth." 50.3

"Rāma, the son of Dasaratha is the king comparable to Indra and Varuṇa and takes care of the welfare of all the worlds." 50.4

"She whom you are trying to abduct is the auspicious and famous lady Sītā, who is the wife of the lord of all the worlds." 50.5

"Oh king who adheres to Dharma, how can you violate the wife of others and you being very strong should specially protect the wives of other kings." 50.6

"Take away from your mind, the thought of touching someone else's wife and this thought should not enter a brave man who condemns others for such behaviour. You should protect the wife of others like you protect your own wife." 50.7

"Oh son of Pulastya, learned men take decision on Dharma based on the behaviour of the king, even if a Dharma, Artha or Kama is not mentioned in Śastras." 50.8

"The king is the best repository of Dharma, Kama as well as wealth and so whether an act is a bad Dharma or Good Dharma is decided based on king's behaviour." 50.9

"Oh best among the Rākṣasas, you are sinful and fickle by nature, By doing what wicked deed, could you get, the wealth like a aero plane." 50.10

"Passion is the conduct of some people and this cannot be erased and prosperity will not last long in the house of such bad souls." 50.11

"Rāma who is greatly strong and has not offended you either in your country or in your city and so why do you want to offend that follower of Dharma?" 50.12

"If for the sake of Sūrpanakhā, Khara of Janasṭhāna, trespassed Rāma who is a hero unsurpassed character and got killed because of that, please tell me the principle by which Rāma went against Dharma and also tell me why you are stealing the wife of that Lord of the world, because of that." 50.13-50.14

"Leave Vaidehī at once so that she would not burn you, with a fierce look from her eyes which are like the thunderbolts of Indra which killed Vritrāsura." 50.15

"You are not aware of the poisonous snake that you have tied to your cloth and you are not seeing the noose of the God of death tightening around your neck." 50.16

"Oh gentle one, a man should carry only a burden which does not overburden him and also eat only that much would which would be healthy for him." 50.17

"Who will practice that Dharma which does not bring him fame and glory and who will do acts which brings sufferings to the body?" 50.18

"Rāvaṇa, I was born sixty thousand years ago from that time I ruled the kingdom which I got my father and forefathers in a proper way." 50.19

"I am old and you are youth having bows, arrows as well as a chariot but in spite of that, I will not allow you to go safely carrying Vaidehī," 50.20

"You are not strong enough to carry using Vaidehī in my sight, just like the everlasting rules of Vedas cannot be refuted by arguments of logic." 50.21

"Oh Rāvaṇa, wait for a minute and fight with me in war, if you are valorous and like Khara you would be slain and fall dead to the ground." 50.22

"Soon that Rāma clad in bark, who has killed several Rākṣasas and Dānavas many times also will kill you." 50.23

"Since the sons of the king have gone to a far off distance, I do not know what to do? Oh debased one, without any doubt, you are going to be destroyed by fear towards them." 50.24

"As long as I am alive, I will not allow you to take the auspicious, lotus eyed Sītā who is the dear queen of Rāma." 50.25

"I am sure that my act would be liked by that great soul and I would it for Rāma and Dasaratha, even by giving up my life." 50.26

"Stay there, stay there, oh ten headed one, see me for a minute and I would show you the hospitality of war even by giving up my life, Oh Rākṣasa. Like a fully ripened fruit dropping from its stalk, I would make you fall from the chariot." 50.27-50.28

This is the end of Fiftieth Sarga of Āraṇya Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.